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  1. Looking at a 1054

    Picked up a 1054a myself last year. Love it. It's like a mini dozer in 1st gear with a blade on. The hardest thing to work on is the gas tank. You have to drop the whole transmission to get it out. Mine sat awhile outside, so had to derust it. Only other issue with working on it is the difficulty/expense of finding origional parts like steering wheels and dash hardware etc. Other than that, great machine. Well worth the trouble.
  2. Electric Fuel Pump?

    The Facet Cube fuel pump to buy is model number 40177. Its rated at 1.0 to 2.0 psi shutoff pressure so it won't overload the carb float on Kohler engines. Works great on my K341S. Used to start, run, idle rough no matter how I adjusted the carb especially in winter. Once I replaced the new plastic kohler fuel pump with this baby, starts and runs smooth as glass all year round. No more cranking the hell out of it on coldstarts. Very happy, will convert all of my horses over to EFP.
  3. Facet Cube electric fuel pumps = worth their weight in gold!

  4. Do you still have anything left from the GT14 you were parting out?  Let me know.  Thanks!

  5. Newbie with a c-160

    Its unreal someone would take this to a scrap yard. Hell, stick it out front with a sign saying "Free" if you don't want it. Just the engine alone in running condition is worth several hundred. Thank you for saving this fine machine from such a fate!
  6. Wanted: 1054/953/GT-14 Steering Hardware

    Hello, Looking for a few parts to complete my 1054A restoration I got going on. From what I can tell, these parts are compatible with 953, 1054, and GT-14 models despite having different part numbers. Here's a list of what I'm looking for: R.H. steering arm: #2733 (GT# 8515) Steering shaft: #4885 (GT# 9647) Steering wheel: #4875 (GT# 7420) Steering cap: #2897 (GT# 7469) Thanks, Mike
  7. Kohler K321 Issue after rebuild.

    Hey thanks for the feedback guys. To answer the questions, yes, it is the same carb that was on the engine from before. It was itself rebuilt several years prior to the engine rebuild. The engine ran fine with no air/fuel related issues. The carbs adjusting screws were not moved before, during, after the engine rebuild. The fuel pump is the same one that was on the engine from before. It has not been opened up or tampered with in any way. I don't believe the fuel pump is installed incorrectly as the engine runs very well even at higher RPM in its current state, just must have the choke full on. My understanding is that if its not installed properly it wouldn't run at all, or extremely poor? Have another carb rebuild kit, will probably try that since the engine sat for several years in my garage without being ran. Perhaps the gaskets dried out? Let me know. Thanks, Mike
  8. Kohler K321 Issue after rebuild.

    Ok this is probably going to be an easy one for the Kohler masters out there. Just got my K321 (14hp) rebuilt with new piston, rod, rings, bearings, gaskets, etc. Will only start with the choke full on. Once it warms up I ease off the choke and it dies very quickly, like the ignition was shut off. As long as the choke is full on, it actually runs really well, and sounds nice with no smoke. I think I'll take the carb off and recheck things but have no idea what would cause this? Thanks, Mike
  9. A good day.

    Anyone know if the seat is origional? From the users manual looks the same, and is real wood backing it on the flip side of bottom cushion.
  10. A good day.

    Just picked up a 1054a here locally. Looks almost all complete. Missing lens covers, steering wheel is not origional, crummy repair to LH side steering arm, someone got silly with paint on deck and misc hardware. Deck is origional and complete with only cosmetic dmg. 350bux made the deal. All in all it was a good day...
  11. grouptherapy.jpg

    Sunday afternoon group therapy session...
  12. Hello, Looking for a choke cable bracket for Kohler K321 14hp on a GT-14. Thank you.
  13. gt 14 rearend

    I know its an old thread but I'd like to add a few more concerns that came up when I swapped out the orig sunstrand unit on my GT14 with a more modern hydrogear C160 automatic unit. First issue I ran into was the hydro lines from implement lever to the sunstrand were too small for the newer unit and had to be cut off and replaced with the larger diameter threads. Not so bad, easy fix. Another more pressing issue is that the GT's flywheel on the pump is for a keyed shaft and the newer pump shaft is geared on the end. Not a big deal if you dont plan to run a rear tiller, as you will need the GT's "double" flywheel to belt to the tiller. Also I noticed that the knob on the speed control lever that interfaces into the control plate on the pump does not line up perfectly with the newer model, had to do a bit of forceful persuasion to get it in and as such, its a bit tighter than before. On a side note, when I tore down the trans-axle case to inspect the bearings and replace the ground off parking pawl, one of the shoulder bearings that holds the bull gear and pinion housing was broken and had to be replaced. They are Torrington model 348's if I recall, and are VERY expensive last I checked. So I opted to replace the GT14's 10-pinion setup with the C160's more robust 8-pinion housing (cheaper bearings to replace) and just swapped out for the GT's longer axles. Works great, and is more quiet than the 10 pinion IMHO.
  14. 1975 C-160 Automatic

  15. 1971 GT 14

    1971 GT-14