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  1. Wife Weight Box

    If you can get her to do that during a snow storm I will be truly impressed! Great photo
  2. I think you are too hard on yourself Mike...I barely even vomited. Nice hat!
  3. Lawn ranger

    But Don't under estimate how much work they can do.... I now have four of them and have my sights on a fifth. Ditto, I have 2 and they sip gas and work hard! Easy on and off for cart towing / yard clean up. I use them quite a lot. (1969 and prior models)
  4. My 2012 - 2013 Snow Team (Pic Heavy!)

    Might be some confusion, I do not have issues with steering with the weight on the back. I was asked if the weight on the back helped with steering. No it doesn't aid with steering and won't no matter how much is back there.
  5. My 2012 - 2013 Snow Team (Pic Heavy!)

    Thanks for the all the comments guys. Yes pics I can do. Basically I used one of Scott's (smoreau) receiver hitch's and bolted a pintel hook mounting plate to the box. Works pretty good. I put 2 reinforcement plates on the inside of the box This is a close up view but it is on a D-180. I have been switching everything whenever possible to use a 2" receiver. It makes moving things from tractor to tractor a breeze. There is a ton of cool attachments for 2" receivers. From winch mounts, tow hooks, cargo carriers...etc. Here is the plate weight set up. Also uses the 2" receiver. Half inch rod, and fence post was used. 1/2 washers allows the fence post to remain centered. And a slightly larger washer on the end to keep everything snug. The box on the loader is the ARK OEM box. Hooks to the Loader subframe. The weight out back does not help with steering at all. In fact it might take away slightly due to the hanging of the ballast. But the front wheel weights (25lb each) help significantly. Roller chain helps too if you need more. Deflate front tires, cut roller chain to size, wrap around tire, and re-inflate tires. If don't correctly the chain should be centered and should not move.
  6. Major Seat Time Ahead

    I know...I was thinking about it while I was clearing too. We are getting more snow tonight, if it is enough snow to clear I will get some! OK. If you get pics I'll get pics ......heres a lousy cell phone pic of my back deck. We have about 7-8"s of fluffy stuff and its still coming down. Mike............. Well I wanted a video but I didn't have anyone to film and I am not clever enough to figure out how to get photos of myself plowing so I just got pics of teh equipment this year instead. I started a new thread here Warning it is pic heavy!
  7. So it's safe to say we all love using our garden tractors for my snow removal. It is something I actually look forward to (until about mid to late March ). This years line line up: 416H with cab and single stage blower - love the cab - no snow in the face! C-160 Hydro with 508QM ARK loader 314-8 with 54" snow blade (D series) with front wheel weights to help stay on course with an angled blade. And in case all else fails a 22" MTD blower and my favorite shovel I think it is going to be a big year for snow...not even January yet!
  8. Major Seat Time Ahead

    I know...I was thinking about it while I was clearing too. We are getting more snow tonight, if it is enough snow to clear I will get some!
  9. Major Seat Time Ahead

    As anticipated we ended up with the high end. I measure 18" in some spots and 14" in others. There was a lot of wind blowing so it is hard to tell but those seem like the most reliable area. We go so much wind that some areas are nearly bare and others are 4 feet! But I would say we landed at about the 16" mark. And all cleaned up =)
  10. would like some opinions

    Sounds like a similar transaction I had with a member here once too. I waited 3 wks for him to pack it up and then he says I need to mail a check before he would ship. I said "why didn't you tell me that 3 weeks ago?" He said that's how he did business and he had someone else who really wanted it also. I told him to forget it and sell it to the other fellow. It was fairly irritating at the time.
  11. Major Seat Time Ahead

    I'll let you know where I end up Micah, I would bet I will be at the high end! This will be a blower storm for sure. Too much for plowing.
  12. Nice worker Micah, that should be good to go for many many years! Love those Mid seventies C series!!!
  13. You could do it TT's way or just put the blower chain on backwards, that should make the blower impeller rotate the opposite direction. JK
  14. It doesn't matter. With all that weight over the drive wheels, it's not stopping. Not to mention maneuvering should be quite improved. I live it!!! Anyone know if there are other pictures of the other side to see the belt routing etc...
  15. MaineDad...Happy Anniversary 5 Years

    Congrats Micah! Don't see you much these days but maybe sometime soon. :)