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  1. Late 80's Hoods Question

    My 310-8---hood repairs complete
  2. Late 80's Hoods Question

    thanks again guys....glad to be back! This is my first tractor that runs in this series I love this tractor....I have a 312 but it needs lots of help..LOL
  3. Late 80's Hoods Question

    i just could not pass this one up ....the guy had owned it for 23 years --Garage kept....ill post some pics next time i get it out.....I still on the oldies ,,just got me a 1046 and 1056 a few weeks ago What new in your collection...i'm sure you've added few since our last conversation
  4. Late 80's Hoods Question

    thanks for all the replies ....time to get the ole rubber hammer out
  5. Late 80's Hoods Question

    I just purchased some head light bezels for my 310-8 and noticed they do not fit.....after comparing the hood to my 312-8 I noticed the section between the headlights is made different....Did wheel horse produce two hood styles for these models? thanks
  6. Serial numbers from 604's, 654's and 704's

    my serial number is in my signature...good luck!!
  7. What model?

    thanks for correcting that TT ...i didnt even think about that
  8. What model?

    Model Year Type Trans Engine Number 81-16B801 1978 C-161 Twin 8-Speed Briggs 401417-0130-01 81-16BS01 1978 C-161 Twin Automatic Briggs 401417-0130-01 91-16B801 1979 C-161 Twin 8-Speed Briggs 401417-0130-01 91-16B802 1979 C-161 Twin 8-Speed Briggs 401417-0130-01 91-16BS01 1979 C-161 Twin Automatic Briggs 401417-0130-01 91-16BS02 1979 C-161 Twin Automatic Briggs 401417-0130-01 02-16BP01 1980 B-165 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 401707-0111-04 02-16BP02 1981 B-165 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 401707-0111-04 02-16BP03 1981 B-165 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 401707-0111-04 02-16BE01 1982 B-165 Twin Automatic Briggs 401707-0632-01 02-16BP04 1982 B-165 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 401707-0632-01 A1-164201 1982 GT-1642 8-Speed Briggs 402417-0665-01 A2-163701 1982 LT-1637 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 402707-0130-01 A2-164201 1982 LT-1642 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 402707-0130-01 12-16BE01 1983 B-165 Twin Automatic Briggs 402707-0130-05 12-16BP01 1983 B-165 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 402707-0130-05 A1-164202 1983 GT-1642 Twin 8-Speed Briggs 402417-0665-01 D2-163701 1983 LT-1637 Twin 4-Speed Briggs 402707-0132-04 12-16BE02 1984 B-165 Twin Automatic Briggs 402707-0130-05 A1-16B801 1984 GT-1600 8-Speed Briggs 402437-0694-01 A2-16BP01 1984 LT-1600 Twin 5-Speed Briggs 402707-0130-01
  9. Kohler Main Bearings

    Hello all. does anyone know if the main bearings in the k301 and the mag 12 engine are interchangeable? also where is a good source for these? Thanks!!

    Heres a picture of dad going down the track...not very good, but what can i say my wife was running the camara..and she didnt even get one of mine She not much on tractor shows and it shows on film

    Ken, Glad you stopped by...We had a great time..It was great meeting a Red Square Wheel horse collector at the show Wish you could have stayed for the drag races, The old wheel horse took quick time ( 8.10 sec) down the approx 200 ft track, the closest thing to it was a modified speedster automobile which turned a ( 8.30 ) Dad went (11.30 sec) with the 856.. What a lot of Fun!!!!!
  12. Evansville Show

    hey Bell here you go. 201 East Boonville New Harmony Road Evansville, IN 47725-9194 (812) 428-2203 Hope to see you there....i dont get much of a change to meet you guys....love to see that diesel :D
  13. Evansville Show

    Not real sure ure on the the admission price ...headed out in the morning...cant believe some of you arent going to this show...Its a great show!!...Hope they are still doing the tractor redeo...bringing my little wheel horse hot rod with me!!...Sure wish some of these other hot rods would show up.....My sleeper mower might surprise :D
  14. Evansville Show

    hey anyone going to the tractor show in evansville? I have a hotel booked and ready to go :D
  15. 211-4

    Wow thanks for all that information!.....I really like these little tractors...as you said they is not much of a following which is great for the ones of us who do like them, we can get them at a great price :D