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  1. Major Life Achievement

    Most of the grease guns I have delt with you have to pull the plunger all the way back and give it a quarter turn or so to release the pressure spring. to reload pull it reverse the action and drop in a new grease tube. if it's supposed to move oil, or grease it - if it isn't supposed to move, tighten it.
  2. Bargain

    These might not be for everyone but if you need a cheap seat you might check these out at Surplus Center http://www.surpluscenter.com/New-Arrivals/GRAY-HIGH-BACK-MOWER-SEAT-1-5082.axd?utm_source=Surplus+Center+Newsletter&utm_campaign=a22eccec8d-2016_November_Newsletter_11_3_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_53f2243a04-a22eccec8d-139939549&mc_cid=a22eccec8d&mc_eid=09f209cc9e
  3. HOLEY BALONEY Batman, that's a lot of meat!!!
  4. Nice toy! Have that same set of rears on my 417H, they are a beast! Wish I had your W/W's to go with them.
  5. Should it look like this

    All for the lack of a good boot, probably, cheap insurance that this doesn't happen to yours!
  6. Liking my new 551

    Looks great Grenlark! Just the right amount of restoration, Tri-ribs and ag's set it off just right. Just wishing I could find on in close to that condition.
  7. Front mount mower.

    Had an older tractor that came from Sears originally (I think?) that had a front mounter mower. Seams like the mower set closer to the tractor and did raise. Mowed some rough ground with it with no problem. Really liked it.
  8. Foreman's 1056

    Must love to ride that Horse! Barley enough there to mow. Our local golf course isn't in that nice of condition! After about a month of very dry weather we have had 3+" in about a week and turned the yard into a hay field almost overnight! May have to cut and bale it!
  9. What was the first year for the KT17 Series II?

    Thanks Wheelhorse-man1000. . Like oldredrider I was looking for an oil filter and finding none I questioned whether mine was a Series ll. My next question is why build a motor with a pressurized oil system and then not put a filter on it? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If mine is a real series ll, I may be more inclined to rebuild it rather than looking for a clone to put on it. Paul in Indiana (70 mi N of Indy)
  10. What was the first year for the KT17 Series II?

    I believe my 417A is a series 1 even though it has a series ll air cleaner. Any other way to tell for sure, without numbers, my tag is a blank slate.
  11. Suburban value

    Shame you are so far away, I would let you make a decent profit on it. Like the guys said, there are quite a few of us still looking for one, so please don't part it out!
  12. Surplus center. Although I haven't purchased a high back, I have been very happy with their other seats. http://www.surpluscenter.com
  13. C195 Drive belt help

    Original equipment WH belts are far superior to any aftermarket belt on the market, and worth the extra price, even though they may be harder to find.
  14. RJ-58 Restoration

    Welcome to the group. A plethora of knowledge resides among the members this group. Of course you know that when you get the RED one done, your other 31 will be GREEN with ENVY.
  15. Repower

    Sorry about the link, Was trying to post one for a flyer I received with some sale prices on motors. and no WHX7, Kegler has been a teetotaler for 15+ years. But still enjoy an N/A once in a while.