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  1. Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    I,ll be there Thursday with a buddy that will have a trailer load of ac and simplicity and probably Saturday. I,ll be looking to start wheel horsing again since I sold everything last fall. I,m feeling alot better now and looking forward to working on stuff in the barn again. Looking for a good tractor to mow or pull lawn roller with. Maybe several!!!
  2. Were back!!!

    :help: This new stuff will take some time to get used to but thanks to all who made it happen!!!! :dunno:
  3. This heat wave...

    :woohoo: I guess I'm lucky to work in a plant that's over 1 million square feet that is air conditioned. It cost over $800 million to build so I guess the air was figured in.
  4. Newest project

    I got this top side painted now to flip it over and do the bottom. It is going to be black with red in the middle of the hood with red accent parts,white wheels and white wheel horse decals.
  5. This heat wave...

    :woohoo: No rain here in the southern part of my county since I don't know when. Had to water garden several times. My sweet corn will be ready by the end of this week and thats weird and way early.Give me rain. :ROTF:
  6. Lane and David Ralph Showing the Flag

    Thanks for the great pictures. :woohoo:
  7. I started tearing this down awhile back but the computer conked out. I got a new one and will show pics as I go. I will have questions along the way and will post pics of the progress. 2 questions what kind of tranny fluid and drive belt size??? I have some pieces painted already and will be going with a totally not stock paint job. This tractor had a good engine so I will be fixing anything thats wrong and giving it a fresh coat of paint. It will be a working tractor so I'm not going too overboard.
  8. hi, new here

    :woohoo: Welcome neighbor.
  9. Two More Horses done.

    :woohoo: Nice work!!
  10. A few show pics!

    :hide: Thanks for the pics. Maybe I will get to go someday.
  11. My sons project

    :hide: Nice to see a young man learning to turn wrenches.
  12. Another project nearing completion.

    :hide: Looks good!
  13. Prayers for Jim D

    :hide: Get well soon Jim!
  14. Buyer Beware

    :hide: I really hate to hear something like this it makes me sad. We all have had hard times but I believe in karma. Anytime your down on your luck it always turns good eventually if you always treat people right.

    I,m getting lots of emails from nitnoc420. Just thought I would let you know.