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  1. Dozer Blade Repaint

    Zeek since your in Dillsburg are going to be heading to the farmers fair in a few weeks?
  2. A good friend of mine gave me this dozer blade he had sitting back in the weeds a few months ago. I used it the other week to grade asphalt millings where he parks the vehicles (His 520 was a little under the weather). So I got bored this afternoon and it got the best of me. I decided to give it a quick make over. I sanded, primed, and shot it with magic IH red. Its feels good taking something from being a rusted piece of metal to something with new life breathed into it. :)
  3. rydogg, I completely agree, and I as a CL seller too have been burned. Particularly my Hoyt I am trying to sell. So I can understand why he did sell it when a guy with cash in hand showed up. The thing that tipped my scale was I gave him my number and said, if you have to get a hold of me please call. If not I'll be there Saturday cash in hand. IMO it would've just been nice if this guy would've picked up the phone and say hey Nate, I have a guy that wants to get it tonight, can you make it tonight? That's what I would've done. Either way, it wasn't the first nor the last. A little courtesy can go a long way from the buyer and seller. A few bad apples can leave a sour taste, especially if the person is new to the hobby. I do want to extend a thank you and an appreciation also to like minded honest people. Deals can still be done and made on a word and handshake. Not all is lost...not yet at least. lol
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing, I knew I wasn't the only one who this has ever happened to, selling or buying. I just needed to vent. Ken B you are absolutely right, there are more good guys that bad, the good guys though never seem to get the highlights. When you do something nice for someone, you can make a friend for a life time. I woke up this morning, feeling all better, back on the hunt again
  5. Ok this is just me blowing off some steam so please just bear with me for a few minutes..... Last evening I found this ad for a 4 series wh that I wanted to buy. I talked to my wife and got her blessing as I always do before I even placed the call. I talked to the guy for 5 minutes getting details about the tractor and at the end of our conversation I told him I was buying the tractor but since it was 2 hours away I could not make it down until Saturday. He said not a problem he would see me on Saturday. So I hung up the phone and went back to watching my step son's football game looking forward to Saturday when I can pick up my newest horse. Now fast forward to this afternoon when i called the guy to let him know I'm going to be bringing my father in law along to help us load the attachments. No sooner did I get that statement out of my mouth he says "too late its sold first come first serve." It took a second to sink in. I said of course its sold im picking it up on Saturday. "No a guy came and got it last night, sorry". To say the least I was a little irritated...not so much that im not buying the tractor but the fact that we had an agreement and he didnt even have the courtesy to call me when he had my number and say hey if you want it you better get down here tonight. If I wouldn't have called today I would've been banging on his door come Saturday. I just starting thinking or more so wondering if in todays society does a mans word mean anything anymore. Can deals be done with a hand shake and that word. I dunno maybe I am old fashion..maybe it is my fault, maybe I should have just left the game drove two hours to get it and not assumed that it wouldnt be sold out from under me since I gave him my word and he gave me his. This isnt the first time this has happened to me nor will it be the last. I understand the man with the cash is the one who gets the goods. Its just frustrating when someone goes back on their word. Ok thank you, I feel better.
  6. My Horses

    My 520H and GT-1642
  7. Ok, the tires are mounted on the wheels and on the 312. I think it looks cool with the wider tires and the deep dish wheels. The paint matches the front better than what I though it would.
  8. Sorry it took me so long to get on here. This week has been crazy so far. Thanks everyone for the posts! I'm putting the tires on the wheels tonight. Ill post pics of the 312 with the deep dishes as soon as I get them on.
  9. Hello everyone!! A few weeks ago I was fortunate to stumble upon a pretty nice 312-8 with 675 hours. Much to my wife’s dismay, I drug it home but once she took it for a drive she was smiling from ear to ear. She actually said she liked it better than my 520. I kinda scratched my head and just said ok dear. Anyway, I decided I wanted to put 23x10.5-12 on the rear of my 312 instead of the 23x9.5-12 that is stock. I found a set of Goodyear tires without rims at a consignment sale that came home with me. Then the hunt for rims began….Low and behold I found a set of rims that my neighbor had laying around his garage. I was told they came off his CASE and he didn’t need them anymore. So tonight I decided to scuff them up and paint them metallic silver to cover up the red. I have yet to find an exact match to the factory silver WH put on their wheels that I am happy with. I have found though, if you have a nick in your factory rim, a Sharpie Metallic Silver marker is the best for the task of touching it up. IMHO. So my question is this: I blended a mix of metallic silver and Smoke Grey paint to produce the color of the rims below, do they look close enough for horse shoes? I can’t decide if I’m happy with the color or not or if I need to do a grey metallic. I’d appreciate any opinion. Thanks!! Below is also a pic of the 312 they wheels and tires are going on.
  10. New guy from PA

    Welcome to RS!
  11. Great job!!! I like the stack! Great job!!! I like the stack!
  12. Wheel Horse GT-1642 Work Horse

    Mike, Thanks! I wanted to keep it unique and somewhat original, I had many people after me to paint it red. If you don't mind me asking what for engine did you swap in? I believe the Briggs is starting to reach the end of it's life so I think a swap is going to be on the list for the winter project.
  13. Wheel Horse GT-1642 Work Horse

    Thanks everyone!! I think next week I am going to blast and repaint the dozer blade I have for it. That is an absolutely correct statement, there is no cure...
  14. Hello everyone, I have finally joined Red Square after several weeks of reading posts and looking at the awesome pictures everyone posts of their WH’s. I guess you could say I need a place where I can talk to people who have the same “addiction†as me because I can tell you my wife is about ready to make me move out to the garage if I don’t stop talking about WH’s to her. Anyway, I just wanted to post my summer project I just completed two weeks ago. My dad gave me a 1983 Wheel Horse GT-1642 Work Horse back in May. He didn’t have any use for it sitting around his house after he stole the deck off it for his 520 (I owe my dad and my uncle for getting me hooked on Wheel Horses). The tractor was in pretty rough shape so I figured I would give it a go and see how I could do restoring the old beast. I completely stripped it down and got the frame and wheels painted just in time for the big show in Aredntsville. I put the rusty sheet metal back on the frame so I had it to ride around the grounds. The next week I stripped it back down to the wheels and chassis. I sand blasted all the sheet metal down to bare metal so I have a fresh rust free surface to work with. Once all the body prep work was done, I primed it with Rustoleum rust prohibiting primer and then shot it with Rustoleum Smoke Grey oil based enamel. I know the color is a darker than the way they came from South Bend but I liked the color on the tractor. I ordered new decals from Redo Your Horse, which the quality is absolutely amazing!! After some wet sanding and buffing I assembled it back together, stickered it, installed a new seat, and I have been using is to pull my lawn sweep after I mow with the 520. It’s a blast to drive. This is an awesome forum site!!! Thanks for letting me share!!