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  1. Wheel Horse C175

    up until a week ago I had never seen one of these. Now that I have it I love it.
  2. Wheel Horse C175

    I just posted pics of the motor, what year did kohler start making series 2?
  3. My Horses

    My Horses in the garage
  4. Wheel Horse C175

    I got it tightened and it is a lot better thank you.
  5. Wheel Horse C175

    The motor is a series two motor
  6. Wheel Horse C175

    can you post a pic of what I am looking for?
  7. Wheel Horse C175

    that will allow for not holding the lever forward all the time?
  8. I just bought my C175 a week ago and I have been working on it non stop.
  9. That is a good looking tractor and I have to say out of all my horses the 310-8 is my favorit.
  10. Wheel Horse C175

    I just bought a wheel horse C175, it is hydro drive and lift. My question is it normal to have to hold the forward rod to keep going forward or is there a way to set it at a speed you want and let it go? I have always had manual trans and never a hydro.