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  1. Engine to deck belt ?

    Hello all need a new belt asap so does anyone know the size or have one for sale ? If you could post a link that would be brilliant thanks ðŸ‘
  2. How's the market at the moment

    For the momoment I'm going to sell the Rotovator and the front weight and use the horse for a few cuts this year so if one sold for £375 this week i was think would £450 be a fair Price for me if the weight goes with it ive only ever seen one other of that type
  3. How's the market at the moment

    Still got the old girl but I will have to sell up soon as car insurance is very expensive so do I split the Rotovator and tractor I did see a Rotovator sell for £375 this week
  4. What are your thoughts on this?

    I took adjustable ones off and put non adjustable ones on but I didn't compare the lengths do you think it would affect the value much ?
  5. So after the arrival of my second horse I decide it is time for the first one to go and thought I'd make my other the best it could be but after I changed the tie rods I've noticed the steering to be very sloppy and loose and for some reason there is a one wheel slightly points away. What could this be simply just a new set of tie rods ? Will try and upload a photo of the wheels at some point but photobucket seems to be playing up at the moment
  6. Hello im James from England

    I was think he meant the stig as in top gear stig nice videos Cameron
  7. which engine oil for our machines?

    Think I used 10/40 because I couldn't find any straight 30
  8. Hello gents have been looking at some wheel weights but most of the bolts are missing it comes with 2 to be infact are these hard to find or is it something I could go and get off the shelf at somewhere like b&q thanks in advance Cameron
  9. Identifacation

    Thanks very much
  10. Identifacation

    Hello again gents this is the tag off my other 121 and tiller can anyone give me any information on the 2 thanks in advance Model 91-12k8 91 Serial 169593 This is the tiller tag
  11. Where Did It All Start For You?

    Started as a little boy when I used to go out with my uncle to his place of work they had a c-141 and can't remember the other one to well 312-8 or something like that couple of years ago I thought I'd quite like one for the holidays for some mowing etc so last a year a c-121 came up on eBay asked the man if he would meet me as it was a long trip that I would have to make he ended up doing a 200 mile round trip and only did 80 (SCORE) then the other week I decided I wanted more so set about getting a tiller and ended up with yet another c-121 sadly I think one might have to go. I'm trying to keep both though
  12. Identifacation

    Hello gents can anybody tell me any information about my c-121 please here are the numbers Model number 91-12k892 Serial 184568
  13. Identification

    Hello gents can anybody tell me any information about my c-121 please here are the numbers Model number 91-12k892 Serial 184568
  14. She's here!!

    Thanks gents .Well after a few hours of swapping out all the parts I didn't want such as tie rods (I had newer adjustable ones) wheels and tyres now got ag tyres on it from the other hos and a few odds and sods to get her looking her best she's finally ready to go to moved and start mowing in a few months still got to decide what to do with the other one I'm 99% tempted to keep it but we shall see how it goes . I even treated the deck to a nice wash and a layer of oil on the underside to try and stop rust and rot