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  1. OK, thanks
  2. Looking to replace a 312-8 hood. Besides the 300/400 series hoods, what other tractor's hoods will bolt right in? I think I saw a 257 hood at the junkyard, would that work?
  3. Thanks
  4. Can anybody help me with torque specs on a lauson/tecumseh engine's head bolts and side pan cover. Also what type of oil should I be running in this thing? Thanks, in advance.
  5. Points got cleaned. As for the shifter boot, that is on the list...thanks
  6. I have not drained the tranny yet, I don't want to leave it drive while I am rolling it in and out of the garage. We freed up the piston tonight, and the insides look pretty good. Not getting any spark but everything else is looking good so far. Need to get a couple of gaskets to put her back together, and get on to the next step(s).
  7. Thanks for all the help. It's amazing what a little bit of fluid will do, put some ATF in the transmission and it freed it up. So I rolled it over to the hose to wash it up a little bit, and tucked it in. 👍
  8. Her is a couple more pictures of the tractor
  9. Here is the tractor in all its splendor. You tell me, what have I got?
  10. It is not freezing here. I don't know if there is a drop of fluid in it. I got the shifter to move after putting some oil at the base for a few minutes, but she is still locked up. Been sitting in a shed for at least fifteen years, but I suspect it has been more like 35 or forty years...just what I needed, another project😊
  11. It's been that way all four hours I have owned it. 😊 The tractor is a basket case, but its hard to turn down a tractor, blade and deck for less than $50!
  12. Need suggestions on how to free up a transmission that is stuck in gear, soak of some type. Need's hard to push!!!
  13. I asked him if he would split them, I don't have room for two more...but no luck. Glad to see someone is gonna give them another chance.
  14. Makes me wish I still lived in Culpeper.
  15. They are right, that was a steal anywhere!!!