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  1. Is this even Legal in any state??

    Denver I remember when that tractor (1960 Suburban) was in MUCH better shape but he wouldn't sell it. The road salt from Rt 532 through Mogadore has definitely taken its toll on it. He told me he actually found it BURIED in his field after he noticed the top of the steering wheel sticking up through the ground. For what it's worth, I have a complete 1960 550 with deck and snowplow if you're interested in one of those models for @$250. I'm between Hartville and N. Canton off Mt. Pleasant between Cleveland & Market Ave. Look for Buttonshoe Ave and stop in sometime. First driveway on the right-7971. Have a "few" others out back that might interest you too.
  2. Made Another Haul Today

    That looks like a really nice unrestored tractor. A high-quality restoration is nice to look at, but they are only original once. Definitely a nice find Did the previous owner have a gravel driveway? I noticed the "skids" on the blower wheels---neat way of adding them. Take care and enjoy your newest addition to your stable.
  3. air compressor tank

    PLEASE---Do not even try this!!!! A vacuum tank and a compressor pressure tank are built for totally different applications. The "bomb-potential" of doing this can not be over-stated!!!! Find another compressor tank. Keep your eyes open, check your local classifieds and hopefully you can probably find a cheap one that has a bad pump or motor on it. As an example, I have a Craftsman 6hp 60gal stand-up I bought new that was 220V I used in my truck garage that the pump went bad. Imagine my surprise when I found out the pump alone cost $50 less than I paid for whole compressor Being thrifty (OK, so I'm cheap!!!) I found another smaller compressor with bad tank for $20 and took its 110V motor and pump and swapped it onto mine and now use it in my house garage.
  4. Did I outsmart myself

    I put a 8-speed in one of my 854's and the hi/low shifter actually comes up through a hole slightly behind and right of the original shifter hole of the dash stand. The toolbox has to be removed in order to install the hi/low shifter retaining pin. It will be too close to toolbox to install backwards without hacking up the toolbox. The best way will probably be shortening up-right where shifter ball installs to stay under reservoir.
  5. Did I outsmart myself

    Definitely going to be clearance issues but can easily (?) be solved by either shortening height on up-right section for shifter ball or shorten length so hi/low lever wouldnt extend as far out towards dash support. BTW-your 753 shifter will work in the 8-speed but still may need to be bent slightly to the rear so it doesnt rub the HY reservoir/control unit. The idea of the 8-speed AND HY-2/3 on the 753 does sound interesting and post some pics of the finished project when done :omg:
  6. Need Breaker Cam

    The magneto/alternator in the pictures TT and sorekiwi have posted are the CORRECT one your L156 SHOULD have had on it. I have no idea where the set-up you have now came from but it is the WRONG one for what you are trying to do. Notice where the "tab" to activate points is located. Somewhere in the 40+ years your Lawn Ranger has been around, someone probably swapped out original engine/charging system for what you have now. The simple solution is to get the correct magneto needed to make this work unless you would really rather swap out crankshafts in your new engine to keep/make your incorrect system work.
  7. 93 520H re-power

    After reading your original post, I noticed you never mentioned engine problems. If the Onan is a strong runner and you just want to get away from all the bells/whistles/switches, have you considered rewiring/bypassing what you have now to eliminate potential problems? I haven't owned one with the Onan but Im under the impression they are a good engine. My neighbor has one on an old Sears (pre-Craftsman) that is probably mid-70's and its still going strong.
  8. Buzzes new ride

    http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/grd/1106781784.html Admittedly not as "stylish" but I could see him tearing up the fairgrounds with this one too :omg:
  9. unknown horse

    For $50 it sure seems like you cant go wrong to me oldandred--$83.53?? Seems like an odd amount. Still a good deal but I dont know if I would have paid a penny more :drool:
  10. K181 throttling up

    Hey Brian--Check your carb float needle. Maybe not getting a good seat and trying to flood engine????
  11. Lawn Ranger Identification 1961???

    I would say 1962 also. The 1963's had a different looking front axle. Definitely not a 1964. The 1964's has totally different frame and gas tank set-up like 604 & 654 had. A little off-topic but I was born in 1964 and have tried to get one of every 1964 model but the Lawn Rangers have alluded me. Anyone in my area who might have one for sale (or trade?) please contact me off group I did incorrectly comment on the front axle change for 1963. It was changed in 1963 except for the Lawn Rangers or 603--my mistake :drool:
  12. Any body deal with these people?

    Yeah Duke, I've dealt with a few places that the people behind the counter seem totally disgusted that you either did not know your part number or have no knowledge of equipment but must have been hired based on their ability (?) to enter info in a computer. Car parts places are the worst. If you need a gas cap does it really matter if vehicle has V6, air-bags or A/C??? I noticed that M & D site he referred to is about an hour from me. If he's closer to me, I might be able to direct him to a better dealer who doesnt mind actually helping their customers or possibly raid my parts stash.
  13. Any body deal with these people?

    Just curious---what do you mean "local guy could not find anything"? Are you talking about a local Toro dealer? If so, you must have got a lazy SOB who didnt feel like looking up or ordering parts for you. Also for what its worth---did you price a new brake band? I think last time I checked, they were around $50. I'm not a big fan of Ebay but I've gotten good used ones off of there for around $10. I've seen that M & D site before and used it to check on parts availability/price but haven't ordered anything from them. Where are you located???
  14. Did I create a monster?

    As far as "creating a monster", I would say no. The earlier and later 42" decks look identical except for brackets. If you mounted the tach-a-matic brackets correctly to an earlier deck, other than a possible drive belt pulley diameter difference, I see no reason why the "original" belt would not work. The original belt (102742) has been superceded to 94-2501 and is 1/2"x103". Try your 105" and see what you get. If too loose, then hopefully the 103" will do the trick :omg:

    If your talking about the shifter boots, part 3577 will work on anything from 1958. It is the correct part for those tractors you listed and as I commented in another post, it is still available new at any Toro dealer for about $4.00.