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  1. No spark - K181 - WH800 - hoping for your help :)

    Well - i have tested with the plug on the cylinder head, and turned of the light in the garage (in the evening - dark night here in Denmark) Would'n that normally show me a spark, if it's working?
  2. No spark - K181 - WH800 - hoping for your help :)

    Thank you wallfish - i will try a new condenser then.
  3. No spark - K181 - WH800 - hoping for your help :)

    Let me apologize for the (very) late response. The WH has been sitting in the corner of my garage, not working and it should be ashamed of it self... Status is after reading Maynards fine suggestion: - Coil have been replaced to another 12V coil - Points are braking fine and they are clean - There's 12.8V on the + on the coil - The battery is on 12,8V Still no spark!!! How do i check the condenser? And will the spark be missing, if the condenser is dead? I have 20-30 new condensers for 12V systems (for cars) - is there any luck that i can use one of them? The reason that i have had a pause with the WH is, that i have spend a lot of time on my other red classic, a Volvo P1800S from 1964. Imported from Oregon and now a running project here
  4. Hi there I have a WH800 im trying to start up, after 10-15 years in a barn. I know it was running when it was placed there, but now i cant get a spark on it Engine turns fine (new bat) I have tried to replace the Coil - still no spark. I have tried to replace the ignition switch - still no spark I have replaced the plug - still no spark I have removed the flywheel. Everything looks nice, but how can I measure that it is? Magnets are fine, but how about the stators? (Blue on this engine) Just under the ignition switch there is a rectifier-regulator. If this one is dead (and how do i measure that?) can my spark disapere there? Please share your wisdom - i want my old WH back on the grass (Used to drive it at my grandparrents farmwhen i was a kid)