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  1. Xi series snowblower

    Still looking for a blower or other snow removal equipment
  2. Xi series snowblower

    I messaged you
  3. Xi series snowblower

    Looking for a snowblower attachment for my 520xi, prefer dual stage but will consider a single stage, must be within driving distance of NY. Thanks!
  4. 420LSE

    This is a great resource to service the tractor yourself, also let's see some pics of that rare breed of horse. Welcome to Red Square
  5. 314-8

    Decided to sell the 314-8, wife wants to mow the lawn more and doesn't like shifting gears. It's a 97 or 98(i don't remember off top of my head) 314-8 hour meter says it has 261 hours but it's broken so if I had to estimate the hours I would 600-800. Mechanically very strong with no issues, I've used it weekly to mow my lawn for the last couple of years. Comes with a 37" side discharge deck and bagger setup if you want it(not pictured). Only trades I'm really interested in would be a full hydro tractor. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. So I went back to the garage and tinkered with the horse some more and figured it out. It was the pto switch as oldredrider mentioned, after giving it a good slam in the disengaged position it fired up. Apparently I was too gentle with it yesterday. I did notice that it appears that battery acid has corroded the plastic connector for the pto switch wiring, I doubt I will be able to find a replacement connector so I'm wondering if I should get the connector off and crimp on some spade connectors, any thoughts? Is there any kind of adjustment for the pto switch, maybe it's just out of adjustment?
  7. I should’ve mentioned that but I tried that with no avail, I have a hunch it’s the ignition switch or wiring but don’t know how to rule it out. Very weird that it was fine until after I changed the oil and now won’t crank. Makes me wonder if I knocked some wiring loose. Going to head back out to the garage and troubleshoot it some more I’ll keep you posted if I figure it out!
  8. Good Morning Everyone! Yesterday I decided to give my 314-8 some beginning of the season love and I pulled the deck off washed it, greased it, and sharpened the blades, as well as changed the oil on the tractor and greased it. After putting everything back together I went to start it to move it and it it wouldn't start. I turn the key to start and the engine doesn't crank at all. At first I thought it had to do with the oil pressure switch since I had just changed the oil and the engine oil light goes on when I turn the key on but after researching that it appears that engine would still crank over even if the switch was bad. I decided to jump the solenoid terminals for the starter with a screwdriver to see if the engine would crank and sure enough it cranked over and fired right up. Does this mean I have a safety switch issue? When the tractor is running all the safety switches appear to function(seat, pto, brake) so I'm not sure if that's the issue or not. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for troubleshooting. I do have a multimeter to use to do some testing as well I just don't know where I should start. Thanks!
  9. 416 hydro

    Would you be willing to sell just the bare tractor?
  10. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    Yes sir.
  11. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    1990 according to model # on seat pan
  12. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    I disconnected the seat safety switch wire and the tractor still ran so I don't know if that means there's an issue or not. I forgot to reconnect it after I had the seat pan off changing the drive belt and cleaning the transmission.
  13. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    Ok perfect, i'm just looking to bypass the safety switches to troubleshoot this issue, definitely don't want them bypassed permanently.
  14. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    Do you know how I go about bypassing them @6bg6ga?
  15. Magnum 10 fuel issue

    Looks like I need to pull the wiring diagram for my model and do some chasing