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  1. Sundstrand 90-2046

    I dont want to yank your crank. I may not be buying, but im looking for parts just in case. My electro 12 is in the shop with hydro issues. So im looking to see availability in case it needs rebuilt/replaced. Thank you for your response.
  2. Sundstrand 90-2046

    Is this still available?
  3. Hydro Transmission and Gearbox

    Is this still available?
  4. c120hydro

    I did just now... thank you again for helping people with things like this.
  5. c120hydro

    Thank you for the quick reply and advice ill get to 'er this weekend
  6. c120hydro

    Hi all, my 1970 electro 12 is weak in reverse and has a broken lock down tab. Is this likely the cause? Thanks