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  1. Mid mount grader blade for a D160

    Would anyone know if the parts for it is still avalible?
  2. Mid mount grader blade for a D160

    Thanks Britt, I guess it would be nice have the spring and the link for the picking it up too
  3. Mid mount grader blade for a D160

    Can't beat the price I paid for it ........$45.00
  4. Hello I bought this blade really cheap at an auction. It doesn't have a WH tag on it but I;m guessing it is a WH. Does anyone know what the model number might be? I would like to find a new lever the controls the angle, it has been cut off and the catch is bent. thanks Jeff
  5. D250

    Hello I have a chance to buy a D250 that is missing some engine parts. The head and carb maybe more. What are the chances of finding the parts I need? Thanks Jeff
  6. PTO shaft

    Is the connection point on the PTO shafts on all garden tractors the same? What is the correct terminology for the D-180 PTO connection point? I know the farm tractors have the 540 and 1000 RPM spline that are different from each other. I am looking for a PTO tiller for my D-180 and I don
  7. D-180 PTO

    Hello Is it possible to install a PTO Shaft on this tractor? Does anyone have any PTO parts for sale? Thanks Jeff