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  1. Marvel Schebler DD

    Has to be a DD thanks.
  2. Marvel Schebler DD

    Still waiting!
  3. Marvel Schebler DD

    waiting on your reply!!
  4. Marvel Schebler DD

    oldtin921@msn.com thanks
  5. Marvel Schebler DD

    Looking for a good rebuildable DD12 for my new to me 1976 D160. Elderly gent PO was very hard on this carb,has needles buried inside housing,and stop broke off the side. Thank you for looking.
  6. D160 trans pump

    My 1980 D160 does not want to move very much when you push on the lever! Goes great in reverse! Seems to be whining a lot when I push on the stick. Broke 2 bolts off the coupler last week pushing dirt,got the broken bolts out of the flywheel and when I put it together it just crawls in forward position!! Thanks.
  7. D160 plow

    Thank you very much,those are exactly what I need to get this plow mounted!! Paul
  8. D160 plow

    Where can I find info on how to install axle bracket and snow/dirt plow on my new to me 1980 D160?? Also need info how to remove the deck. Thanks!
  9. 603

    Looking for a hood for my 603,I don't know what all will work! Someone said some of the Lawn Rangers are about the same!! Thanks Gotta be something out there!!
  10. Carb linkage 603

    Can someone show or tell me how the linkage is supposed to be on a 603 with a 6hp Techy? PO has everything screwed up it runs but the throttle handle only moves about 1 inch till wide open! I think I'm missing pieces of linkage! Thanks !!
  11. 603 progress

    Terry,the carb came from Outdoorpowerdeals on Ebay!!
  12. 603 progress

    4x12 !! And they are skinny!!
  13. 603 progress

    Installed a new carb the other day and put some gas in the tank and she fired on the second pull. Installed the trans pulley today{Thanks again Terry M} and a new belt. PO cut back tank mounts and I have to make and weld a few pieces on to make it correct. Got a Lawn Ranger wheel to replace the MTD wheel that was pounded on! Should get repo tank straps next week and button that up. Got a belt guard{Terry M again} to install and all I need now is a hood!!! Gotta be a Lawn Ranger hood somewhere with my name on it!!
  14. 603 Hood

    Looking for a hood for my 603 and I don't know what will fit! Anyone got any input? thank you.
  15. Why Soft rubber is not Good on AGs

    I liked you comment Tractorhogg about the cost of tractors in 1975,I paid a little over $2600.00 for a C121 in 79 with a 42RD and a snow/dirt blade and am still using that bad boy today!!