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  1. First time in 18 years

    Bob,,, -- -- now you have a great reason to wear that stocking cap.
  2. 211-5 bags

    maxiblue I did a toro grass bagger search on fleabay . Good luck, Rick I don' know if these 2 guys have what you need, but I saved these ads. when I came across them awhile back. I too was looking for some larger bags that I found and never did contact either one of these 2 ads. Good luck Chicago (312) 622-3875 Dan or replacement bags j4jn5-5891577455@sale.craigslist.org
  3. 310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I use 1st gear for my 1/2 acre a 312 42 sd with a vac bagger,,, Rick
  4. Lawn vacuum

    hmmm -- clicked on them and still won't show.
  5. That tractor looks great.
  6. New guy from VA

  7. power bagger

    pm sent
  8. Shiver me timbers

    Or you could paint it purple and attach a horn right above the lights and then sing along with this vid
  9. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Looking for a double pulley - pulley 79-7130 - for the right discharge spindle to attach a wh/toro grass vac. If you could check , I'd appreciate it.
  10. Shiver me timbers

    hey farmer , I catch fish that look like that ,....
  11. 314-H Drive Belt Install

    I was wrong - you said drive belt, , in my haste I spoke of deck belt. Sorry.
  12. Thanks for looking PM please Vac parts 48 inch deck I might be interested in buying any of these ,, Can you help ?? http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/accessories/79301-toro-42-48-vacuum-bagger-sn-4900001-4999999-1994/48-deck-components-assembly/ 3 bar deck leveler 92-0981 Blue #1 right side double pulley 79-130 Blue #3 right side belt cover shield 92-1160 Blue #2 48 in deflector (baffle mounted under the deck) 79-7290 Blue #4
  13. 312-8 Transmission dipstick

    Shankstr , good to see someome from O'Fallon, wel come
  14. Bagger Bags

    Message sent

    Good to have you back JimD