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  1. Rick
  2. pm sent
  3. Or you could paint it purple and attach a horn right above the lights and then sing along with this vid
  4. Looking for a double pulley - pulley 79-7130 - for the right discharge spindle to attach a wh/toro grass vac. If you could check , I'd appreciate it.
  5. hey farmer , I catch fish that look like that ,....
  6. I was wrong - you said drive belt, , in my haste I spoke of deck belt. Sorry.
  7. Thanks for looking PM please Vac parts 48 inch deck I might be interested in buying any of these ,, Can you help ?? http://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/accessories/79301-toro-42-48-vacuum-bagger-sn-4900001-4999999-1994/48-deck-components-assembly/ 3 bar deck leveler 92-0981 Blue #1 right side double pulley 79-130 Blue #3 right side belt cover shield 92-1160 Blue #2 48 in deflector (baffle mounted under the deck) 79-7290 Blue #4
  8. Shankstr , good to see someome from O'Fallon, wel come
  9. Message sent
  10. Good to have you back JimD
  11. Happy birthday Chris Rick
  12. Thanks Glenn
  13. I've been looking but will wait until Ford releases their Ranger , I'd like to see it up close before I decide
  14. PSully good luck with your project 81 .. and
  15. Thanks to all for some encouragement and new insights.. My previous experiences a year ago on that engines tin screw, removal has been costly as in a couple feeble attempts, I had managed to drill off center (as mentioned by Don, Sarge and Jay that the screw doesnt snapp flat off), and also have broken 2 yes - (TWO ) easyouts. So I ended up taking that head to a machine shop a year ago just to fix my screw up.. When the weather breaks I will try all of the above suggestions guys, because there are probably enough broken screws in that engine. RedSquare - - you got to love it for all the help that is available. I thank you all greatly for sharing the info Rick