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  1. Good to have you back JimD
  2. Happy birthday Chris Rick
  3. Thanks Glenn
  4. I've been looking but will wait until Ford releases their Ranger , I'd like to see it up close before I decide
  5. PSully good luck with your project 81 .. and
  6. Thanks to all for some encouragement and new insights.. My previous experiences a year ago on that engines tin screw, removal has been costly as in a couple feeble attempts, I had managed to drill off center (as mentioned by Don, Sarge and Jay that the screw doesnt snapp flat off), and also have broken 2 yes - (TWO ) easyouts. So I ended up taking that head to a machine shop a year ago just to fix my screw up.. When the weather breaks I will try all of the above suggestions guys, because there are probably enough broken screws in that engine. RedSquare - - you got to love it for all the help that is available. I thank you all greatly for sharing the info Rick
  7. I was reading the " replacing hardware " thread below and it brought me this question. - - Ive got a twin '86 417 twin cyl engine that had most of the baffles off the engine. I notice upon inspection that most of the engines baffles' small bolt-,screws are snapped in the engine .. I've tried easy outs before but these little screws with the heads missing are quite challenging. Suggestions on removing them , must be about 12 that are broke in the engine. Rick
  8. I say you get a post in the Haulin' thread, maybe someone there can be of help
  9. my 2 cents -- if something smells fishy it always is
  10. Happy Birthday Dennis
  11. Quite understandable
  12. My guess is that you have already went after it.. Good luck if you did
  13. - - Welcome to RedSquare, Next you need to take pictures and post a few here. Sounds like you have fallen into a great deal
  14. Really neat 417 poster
  15. Welcome Jaymon74, nice looking tractor you have there