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  1. I say you get a post in the Haulin' thread, maybe someone there can be of help
  2. my 2 cents -- if something smells fishy it always is
  3. Happy Birthday Dennis
  4. Quite understandable
  5. My guess is that you have already went after it.. Good luck if you did
  6. - - Welcome to RedSquare, Next you need to take pictures and post a few here. Sounds like you have fallen into a great deal
  7. Really neat 417 poster
  8. Welcome Jaymon74, nice looking tractor you have there
  9. Good looking tractor you have there...Welcome
  10. Bach-Ed, do as others suggested above . check out the parts list numbers , If you find what you think you need I can supply you with a fellow here in town that probably has what you need. You can talk with him. he has old and new parts
  11. I guess with seeing tractors come and go after at least 9 years ,, that it wouldn't be to hard to say no .. NOT..
  12. A lot of those pics look like they came from AJ's jamboree grounds
  13. Wheeliedude Welcome to RedSquare .. Owatanna ??? Minn ??
  14. Merry Christmas Red Square and Wheelhorse family !!
  15. Welcome Walleye