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  1. Really neat 417 poster
  2. Welcome Jaymon74, nice looking tractor you have there
  3. Good looking tractor you have there...Welcome
  4. Bach-Ed, do as others suggested above . check out the parts list numbers , If you find what you think you need I can supply you with a fellow here in town that probably has what you need. You can talk with him. he has old and new parts
  5. I guess with seeing tractors come and go after at least 9 years ,, that it wouldn't be to hard to say no .. NOT..
  6. A lot of those pics look like they came from AJ's jamboree grounds
  7. Wheeliedude Welcome to RedSquare .. Owatanna ??? Minn ??
  8. Merry Christmas Red Square and Wheelhorse family !!
  9. Welcome Walleye
  10. Welcome BrianK and your 18 month old son, Let us know your progress with your 2 horses
  11. You guys never cease to amaze me with your knowledge on these older tractors
  12. Welcome here and don't be a stranger.
  13. Dial 811 here in Illinois saves a lot of headaches and possible bills. I'm sure you have seen it happen Steve, and being a Laborer (local 703) I have ripped my share of them also.-- - - just sayin
  14. first thing I would do if I were you, is kiss your wife , An opportunity like that doesn't happen to all WH owners everyday . Good luck when you come down to earth. Great find
  15. https://www.rcpw.com/search/?quest=+114985 $37.00 but free shipping