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  1. Snow blade

    What wheelhorse does this plow fit?thanks
  2. Charger 12 wiring diagram

    Any body have a wiring diagram for a charger 12.thanks
  3. Sunstrand

    Thanks this will come in handy I’ve never had a hydro
  4. Sunstrand

    Ok thank yaw very much.the guy that had it said he put another pump on the transaxle.and had the tractor in a 100 peices.geting every thing back together.how does the hydro link hook up to the lever that makes it move?need a pic if any body has one.
  5. Sunstrand

    I have a 1968 charger 12 with I think a sunstrand hydro.does the rear end and the pump both take atf flued or are they seperate?
  6. Raider 12

    Like I said he doesn’t know what he has.it may not be a raider.he said it a 1969.with a 42” deck.
  7. Raider 12

    I think it may be a charger 12 he thinks it a raider.he said the engine runs think he had it apart going to paint it but lost interest
  8. Raider 12

    I am wondering what a disassembled raider 12 would be worth.the guy said it had a hydro trans and 12hp Koehler engine.he wanting 250.00 with mowing deck
  9. Belt guard

    Let me ask yaw another question.what kind of axle seals do I need for this same tractor?.one done sprung a leak.
  10. Belt guard

    Thank yaw very much
  11. Belt guard

    I have a 1056 I need a drive belt guard for.my question is will any other guard fit this tractor off other models.thanks
  12. Burnt valve

    Ya condenser wired correct.and I fooled with the governer manually and it's like it don't even effect it
  13. Burnt valve

    Ya my condenser is on the neg side.and I tried fooling with the governor manually and it's like it doesn't even do nothing.
  14. Burnt valve

    We'll I was running it some today and the exhaust pipe turned red.yes I've cleaned the carb and used new plugs.i will try the starter fluid trick.
  15. Burnt valve

    Yes I went through your steps and it still just won't open up.it idles just fine but when you try to go above half throttle it just runs really rough. It's kind of hard to explain how it's running.because it runs with no popping or spitting or nothing .its just like it has no power.