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    1965 1054A
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  1. First Haul of 2018

    D series rims fit but I do not know about the backspacing.
  2. Thank you all. Once I get hope today I am working on the pullers. Pulling season will soon be here.
  3. We will be there hanging out
  4. 416-8 has been neglected

    John I would love to have a tractor like that. So much fun to play with!
  5. Jacktown Show Saturday?

    It is Saturday and Sunday. We are going Sunday. Pulling at our home track on Saturday.
  6. 2018 WHCC Show

    Any tractor Marketed as an anniversary tractor.
  7. How to Make Bail

    Ed is you want to send some pics and an article I can possibly get it in the Wheel Horse newsletter. Jim
  8. Featured Tractor 2018 Big Show

    The featured tractors would be the tractors MARKETED as anniversary tractors. Like Buckranger stated 25th 50th and 60th.
  9. Featured Tractor 2018 Big Show

    Yes it is the Anniversary Tractors. It was announced at the membership meeting on Friday.
  10. Big Show Newsletter?

    Karen accidently used the same safety rules from last year. That page is usually the same info every year. It was an honest mistake. If you all want more different articles you are more then welcome to contribute to the newsletter. btw the 520 is the feature tractor as listed in the newsletter. next year feature is not decided. Most likely next year is the 20th anniversary so most likely it will be the anniversary tractors. It is nit-picking like this that makes her think that someone else should step up to do the newsletter. This is the reason she is thinking of stepping down. And you can have the old rehashed newsletters you used to have.
  11. Air powered chisel aimed towards the tire works best.
  12. Need a Vote on This . . .

    Left side on the one right on the other and always show them nose to nose. Then you only need one set.
  13. little guys show being moved

    We may just load the small trailer and come up for the day. Now we can go to the May Jacktown show that was the same weekend as the Little Guy Show.
  14. 1045 engine and Lawn Ranger wheels

    Hello all, I am looking for a complete 1045 engine and lawn ranger front wheels. Would like 63 wheels but any wheels up to 68 would be awesome. For the engine, a decent driving distance from Philly would be great. But, we are going to the Bangor, PA show and the indoor show in Lancaster in Feb. Thanks, Jim
  15. little guys show being moved

    Eric, Do they allow camping there? Jim