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  1. K532s running hot!

    Can any one tell me what is goingan!? just a few sec after i start its gloing hot... rly rly wanna take the d180 out 4 spin
  2. Kohler K532

    oki thanks! any one got the part nr 4 the connecting rod and 2 pistons. Found Connecting Rod (.010 U.S.). But what is thate .010 u.s? will it replace std c rod? kohler k532s-53138a
  3. Kohler K532

    Scrap or can it still be used?!? The mark is at the bottom of the cylinder. no marks on the piston or higher up in the cylinder. Best regards Pettson
  4. Help 3-point hitch

    all, so i can manufacture it. thx
  5. Hello! Can anyone give some measurement on the items, in the pics? best regards Pettson
  6. Looking a pic on howe the throttle cabel is set up. bst regards Pettson
  7. D-180

    Pics on the D-180 restoring
  8. Hello! does anyone have a part nr on the bearings in the stearing box, ross! found the bearings on ebay, but the shipping price is too high so im gona looking here in sweden and see if ican find any! best rergards Pettson
  9. Smily! found a plate engine whit nr K532...!

  10. Founde thise http://www.mytractorforum.com/showthread.php?t=161459, have anyone done thise or know some one thate have more pics on howe it was made?
  11. ball joint!

    omg! found a complete 3-point hitch.... but the total price whit shipping is 1100$ to sweden...!
  12. at the moment iam looking at using dual pedals from a tractor or so, trying too get 2 functions in 1 axel. the hard part is the space and howe too get too move back too nutrall and stay there.
  13. Has anyone played whit the hydro and tried too make in too foot control? the gears in my head ar tuning too the point of over heat! best regards Pettson
  14. ball joint!

    Looks rly nice! but the cash flow is a bit low at the moment!
  15. Is there any replace part 4 the the ball joints too the d-180? part nr: 103416 and 103417 Best regards Pettson