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  1. sickle bar mower

    I have one like it, but don't know what it goes to either.
  2. that cart has the same kind of hitch as the walk-behinds used for the sulky. Must have been dual use.
  3. Show off your carts!

    like to get some measurements and better pic, I'd like to try making one of those wagons.
  4. your looks like a new one. here one that wont be getting done anytime soon.
  5. 2014 Big Ten football

    yep that's the one!! the new one chasing the old one, and heading down to Oklahoma with stuff for a tornado relief drive. I don't follow sports much, to many tractor and buckskinner things to do here. I'll let you guys play the big ten games and ill just root for the hawks
  6. 2014 Big Ten football

    There is really only one team..........if you have Facebook, you can see a video of their trucks. I don't know how to get just the vid to post here. Look up Tantara Transportation Corp and see them for yourself. ...........Go Hawks and the haulers.
  7. this show has had this GT problem for several yrs, and its one of the reason I don't attend it any more. The last time it came up big, the rumor was the Gt's wouldn't be allowed to plow. Its a shame, as the garden area had many entry's, and was getting bigger.
  8. one reason for tubes was that old rims sometimes had tiny pin holes where the band was weld together. Also at one time the rims had the center plate riveted to the blank, and there were air leak at this point. Not sure this is found on any of the newer WH stuff, but on my Pond walkers, the rims are rivet centered.
  9. Price of produce

    I was over in western N, this weekend and they were asking $28 for beans. I thought, what a yr not to grow any at home. I didn't buy any, but there seemed to be no shortage of produce over there. I guess ill have to rethink giving away all the stuff from my test garden.
  10. road trip

    took a little road trip over to Indiana this weekend, to haul a couple of tractors closer to there new owners. Picked up this WH in Peoria IL, on way. Don't know much about the rider line of WH, but I thought the front wheels were interesting.

    I've been really on the line the last few yrs about this poison stuff, but decided to go with bait boxes outdoors, instead of in the house. So far we have a lot less mice inside, so im assuming there dieing outside where we don't see them. I put the glue traps down in the house and they work really well for the five or six that make in that far.
  12. got the Poineer mounted on a DB test bed, until I find another Pond. Put a lawn roller on the tractor and it pulled me around the yard without any trouble, so It looks like its going to be a good one. I have the orginal fuel tank, but it was full of crud and i'll have to get it cleaned up way better before using it. Lucky for me the petcock was shut off and the gunk didn't make it down into the carb.
  13. last weekend I found a Pioneer model A engine. According to some info I found in here, and cant find now, this type engine was one of the options on the early Ponds. I have it running now and will have to look for another tractor on 12" wheel to mount it on.
  14. Going to be tripping out to Crawfordsville, then going up North to Tipton, and Rochester IN, on the weekend of july 26th, have two tractors going right now and will have some room on my 18" trailer and the back of the truck. Coming back from northern IN, i'll be completely empty. If someone needs something hauled out of brought back to Iowa, let me know. jeff
  15. we're not all that fond of the new line up here and we can see sometime that the truck will have to go farther away from home. This whole Big Ten thing has now turned into a joke mostly. I guess im not sure why we couldn't have gotten some team from out west or even Alaska to be included. Make about as much sense.