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  1. 520-H Key Terminals

    I've recently added an electrical fuel pump to my 1997 520-H and have had troubles finding terminals to fit into the key plug. I know the part I need for the fuse box terminals, but I don't know which terminals to get for the key. I've been to every auto shop and the like near me, they had nothing of the sort. The plug is Toro Part# 105302 and it's about $12 shipped, would this come with terminals? I would prefer not purchasing the whole plug, but I would if I had to. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. 520H Electric Fuel Pump

    Didn't think of that. I've got to get some wire anyway, so i'll go pick up that terminal. Thanks!
  3. 520H Electric Fuel Pump

    Following the death of my 520H's fuel pump, I bought a low-pressure electric pump. The problem is, I know almost nothing about electrical systems, and I am wondering where to hook up the pump. I am thinking that I could use the pink line coming from the A terminal, but I'm not absolutely sure. I was also wondering if I could attach it with ring hooks to one of the meters. (piggy-backing) I'm not sure of the amps this uses, but it seems to have 14 gauge wire. To be safe, would adding a 20 amp fuse screw up the meters if I switched it in the place the 10 amp? This is the pump: Amazon I have an inline fuse holder if my ideas have been completely wrong.