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  1. 2 854 repair estimate needed.

    I'll throw this out there too. If the rest of the tractor has old paint, and the hood gets painted, it may not look right. So you may want to get an estimate on painting the whole tractor. with a break down of just the hood.
  2. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    Sounds like a great time! My wife and I hope to have a camper one day. Our goal is to go to all the national parks. In fact, that is the theme of our baby room (well, world travel is, not just national parks). Thanks for the complements on the pictures. Having digital cameras where you can take hundreds of shots (for free) makes it much easier than using older cameras that use film. Its much easier now to take multiple shots, adjust settings, and let the camera do the work. Also, when you have beautiful scenery, it's easier to take a nice shot. Thanks for the complements!
  3. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    No biggie! I'm sure our paths will cross sometime in the future. What did you end up doing with that 953? That blade was heavy! I'm looking forward to whatever "redneck engineering" you do with it! Thanks! Also, I checked out your cool small engines forum. Neat stuff! Thanks everyone for all the cool road trip stories! Ed, I like your sense of adventure! My dad did the bourbon trail last year and loved it! My wife and I have really enjoyed traveling in this "pre kid" time of marriage. Here are a couple pictures of our trip to California/Zion/Bryce/Grandcanyon/Tetons last year, and the sweet camper van we rented.
  4. Great scores! That 633 as an awesome look!
  5. I had a great time at the show this past weekend, even with the rain! It's about a 6 hour drive from Raleigh, NC, but it is one of my favorite drives! I also really enjoy the scenery around the fairgrounds and took several trips out and about just to take some pictures and look at the old barns. I almost didn't come but my wife, who is 7.5 months pregnant, said "James, the big show has been on the calender for the past 6 months, you can start being an adult next month, go to the freaking show, and quit making up excuses for why you shouldn't." I'm so glad I listened! A big thanks to John, Paul, and Jay for letting me mooch some shade under their tents! One thing that resonated with me this year was that the show is more about the people than the tractors. The first time I went to the show a few years ago (I confess) it was 90% about the tractors, 10% about the people. This was my 3rd trip. It was 50% percent about the people, 25% about the tractors, and 25% about the pie. Y'all, the pie game was on point this year. As far as the tractors go, I noticed myself being drawn towards the short frames. Howard's 857 was especially tempting! I hope y'all don't mind the pictures of the scenery! The trip up on Thursday: Tractors that caught my eye at the show: Very tempting Howard! My view of the Parade! After the ice cream social, the rain came down, but that didn't discourage some from riding on their horses! Scenery Pictures from Saturday Headed out around 5:45am from the camp ground. Here are some shots from the ride home.
  6. Who will make the big show?

    Last minute decision. I'll be there!
  7. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Jim, sent you a PM with my phone number. I'll be up really late Thursday night, but will be there all day friday. Then leaving before the sun comes up on Saturday morning.
  8. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Jim, It should pivot both directions, as well as angle back and forth. I will double check tonight to make sure it hasn't rusted or something.
  9. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Looks like I'm going to make it up there. Its a little last minute. But better late than never. I can bring these items if someone is interested. Home made mid mount grader blade. Very heavy. Needs paint. Fits a C series. $80 520 seat and arm rests I was saving for a rainy day. No rips or tears. $160
  10. Any like the 314h tractors?

    When my friend bought his first house and subsiquently, his first mower, I convenced him to hold out for a wheel horse. I found him a 1996 314H with about 600 hours that he absolutely loves now. Thanks to Wheel N It, he also has a front plow blade.
  11. Farm Auction find

    I am also a 1986 model and I don't look that good (though I do look good). Finds like that only come every once in a while. It takes a special person to have the discipline to keep a machine that clean for that long.
  12. Confession of Previous Sins

    Go and sin no more my son. Or for heavens sake, buy some tarps! Looks like you are fairly new. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking machine!
  13. Need a Vote on This . . .

    Well, I'm thinking if you sell me your 1276, then I can put my NOS hub caps on it, and you can put yours on the raider. Then both WHs will have NOS caps! Boom, problem solved.
  14. 876 for sale locally. Too high?

    You are going to love that tractor. I've been eyeballing it for a while. I miss mine!
  15. 1966 1276

    I sold all 3 of my short frames last year because of lack of space and time to work on them. My favorite was the 876 (automatic). I absolutely loved cutting the grass with that little thing. The styling of the mid to late 60s tractors are my favorite.