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  1. Craig your tractor looks great! Y'all bring up a good point about messing up the yard. I will be using the loader to move fill dirt and pea gravel from my concrete driveway, to different places in the yard. So making ruts may be something I need to think about more. Craig's front tires look like a good balance between turf and tri ribbed tires which would seem to be a balance between traction when steering and floation in the yard.
  2. Towing with 314-8

    I can pull my 4000 lb pickup with my 314-8 on a flat paved surface, but if there is a slight incline I lose traction. I think it will all depend on how big the tires are on the man lift and whether it sinks into the ground. I'm thinking you will have traction issues.
  3. Hey guys, I have a 1995 520H that I will be using with a Kwikway FEL. I am tired of having to pump up the front tires (completely flat after 3 or 4 days) and am thinking about replacing them. What style of tire should I go with if I am going to be running the front end loader exclusively on the 520H? I was thinking of some kind of ribbed tire. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to running ribbed tires? Also, does the number of ribs matter (1 rib vs 3 ribs)? Thanks, James
  4. dial a height

    Interesting. I didn't realize the workhorse didn't have that feature.
  5. Round one of this Nor’easter is done!

    Love it! Thanks for the pics!
  6. Finally posting about my late summer find

    Thanks for the pics Cafoose! Youre 876 is awesome!
  7. Finally posting about my late summer find

    Thanks for the comments guys! My daughter is 7 months old today. And she is a chatter box just like her dad. She is In to everything! Ed, We actually drove separate to the hospital because we met at the doctors office for her routine 38 week appointment,. At that appointment they told us to go ahead and go to the hospital due to her blood pressure. Everything worked out fine though. And the hospital food was actually really good! Sarge, I'd love to see a picture of that land cruiser! I love old toyotas, I just wish they didn't rust so badly! My 84 was given to me by my dad. He said he didn't want it anymore. He bought it new in 1984. It was the first "new" car he ever purchased. I grew up learning to drive it and couldn't stand the thought of it being sold to someone else. My daily is a 1997 4runner with a 5 speed manual. Love that truck! New enough to have amenities, but old enough to still be "stoopid."
  8. Finally posting about my late summer find

    A couple more pictures to add. One is the sticker on the hood that says "Pohlig's". The 2nd picture is of the disc set. I'm curious if anyone knows what brand it is. The 3rd picture is of a tractor that I always admire at the WHCC show. It is what I would like the tractor to look like once it is cleaned up.
  9. Hey guys, I logged on yesterday for the first time in several months and was inspired by Dells68 and Crazywheelhorseman to post my find from last summer. Short story: I bought an 876 off of craigslist a couple weeks after coming home from the WHCC show last year. My 1st child came a little early, so I stuck the tractor in the shed and haven’t touched it since. Don’t have plans to touch it for now, but I’m glad I bought it! Long story: I went to the wheel horse show in PA last year and managed to hold off on buying a short frame that I was really jonesing for. There were several there, but Richard’s 857 with the dual wheels was really calling my name. Anyways, I held off because my wife was about 7.5 months pregnant and it wasn’t the responsible thing to do. After all, this was going to be my last WHCC show for a little bit, and I had already sold my other 3 short frames and a gravely walk behind in the spirit “growing up”. Well folks, It only took 2 weeks. While surfing craigslist on my lunch break an ad popped up for an 876 in Richmond, VA. There were no pictures, but it said that it had original paint and ran when it was last parked in the storage shed 10 years ago. The only implement it came with was a disc set. Not sure what brand it was. The price was $225 for everything, so I figured that was good enough to take the gamble. I checked the oil and tightened the alternator belt on the ol’ horse hauler (1984 toyota pickup) and headed north…well started to head north….I didn’t get but about 2 miles down the road and noticed the truck was running a little hot. What? How could this be? It’s a Toyota, that’s not supposed to happen. I thought, eh, “It’s all highway, I’m sure it will be fine.” Stupid. This is what happens when you have your mind set on a wheel horse. I mean, I’ve built a couple different chevy motors for my project vehicles. I work at a transmission manufacturer. I’m not new when it comes to motors/cars/maintenance. And when it comes to overheating, I knew with all of my being that it should be addressed very soon. bad bad things might result if an over heating problem is not addressed SOON. Clearly, I was not thinking rationally. So anyways, like I said, I headed north. It was an uneventful 2.5 hour trip up there until I got off on the exit where the WH was located. The temperature needle creeped closer and closer to the red line and as soon as I pulled into the guys neighborhood I cut the engine and coasted to his driveway. I thought, no big deal, I’ll get this thing and head home. I was there for literally 30 seconds and the guy starts wheeling the tractor to my truck…whoa whoa whoa…wait a second, let me at least pop the hood before we load it up. It definitely was not what I imagined. The seat was torn, the choke and throttle cables were frozen, it didn't run (which I knew going up there), fluid was leaking from the axles, and to top it all off, one of the sidewalls on the rear tire blew as he was rolling it towards my truck. After talking for a few minutes, it was clear that he wasn’t coming much off the price. More worried about actually making it home, I decided to just pay him and get the heck out of there. The truck started fine, and I was able to get on the highway before it got into the red. I plugged in my address (well, what I thought was my address) and headed….north… Fortunately, because I’m so smart, I realized that I was driving north. Now I’m not the brightest cookie in the jar, but I know that if I had just driven 2.5 hours north, I needed to at least go 2.5 hours south. After realizing the GPS was going to my exact address, just in a different state, I corrected the issue and turned towards home. About the time I got the truck turned around, the battery light came on…. Great… OK, no big deal. I knew the belt was on the fritz when I started this trip, so I came prepared with the tools. By this time it was about 8:45pm and I knew time was running out if I wanted to make it to the auto parts store before they closed. So I picked the closest parts store to the highway and headed that direction. I arrived at autozone around 9:00 (they close at 9:30) and I popped the hood. Much to my dismay, the alternator belt was intact. Awesome. Who’s Idea was it to drive this truck, knowing it needed maintenance, on a 6 hour round trip during the work week? Oh yeah… mine. Genius. Anyways, I head inside with my fingers crossed that they have an alternator. Of course they didn’t. The only alternator in town is 30 minutes in the other direction. There was no way I was going to make it there before it closed. No problem, I have a plan B. My truck is carbureted and doesn’t have too many things that run off of electricity, so I’ll try to make it home on batteries. So I bought 2 batteries, a new belt (just in case), some coolant, a new thermostat, gasket sealer, and a bottle of water and headed out the door. I started the truck and got back on the highway. Only 140 miles to go. I called my wife and told her that I was going to turn my phone off because of course I didn’t bring a phone charger. At this point, I was so mad at myself, that she just told me to get home as safely and quickly as possible and she would see me when I got there. The truck battery that was in the truck lasted all the way to the house! I was amazed. The headlights didn’t dim but just a little bit, but by the end of the trip the electronic ignition was acting funny and the horn was really weak. I rolled in at about 12:15am and went straight to bed. So the moral of this story is: Don’t do stupid things. I am looking forward to getting it running and preserving the great patina! I have since sold the disc set for 75 bucks, so ended up having 145 in it (not counting gas, of course). Anyways, here are the pictures I took last summer.
  10. 857 Rides Again!

    Beautiful tractor! Cleaned up awesome!!!
  11. Another one followed me home

    Love it, short frame autos are my favorite!
  12. 2 854 repair estimate needed.

    I'll throw this out there too. If the rest of the tractor has old paint, and the hood gets painted, it may not look right. So you may want to get an estimate on painting the whole tractor. with a break down of just the hood.
  13. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    Sounds like a great time! My wife and I hope to have a camper one day. Our goal is to go to all the national parks. In fact, that is the theme of our baby room (well, world travel is, not just national parks). Thanks for the complements on the pictures. Having digital cameras where you can take hundreds of shots (for free) makes it much easier than using older cameras that use film. Its much easier now to take multiple shots, adjust settings, and let the camera do the work. Also, when you have beautiful scenery, it's easier to take a nice shot. Thanks for the complements!
  14. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    No biggie! I'm sure our paths will cross sometime in the future. What did you end up doing with that 953? That blade was heavy! I'm looking forward to whatever "redneck engineering" you do with it! Thanks! Also, I checked out your cool small engines forum. Neat stuff! Thanks everyone for all the cool road trip stories! Ed, I like your sense of adventure! My dad did the bourbon trail last year and loved it! My wife and I have really enjoyed traveling in this "pre kid" time of marriage. Here are a couple pictures of our trip to California/Zion/Bryce/Grandcanyon/Tetons last year, and the sweet camper van we rented.
  15. Great scores! That 633 as an awesome look!