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  1. Loader oil squirt

    X-2 ^^ Welcome to the board !
  2. Another "WHATIZIT

    The start of a 3 point hitch ensemble ?

    Was a spectacular day here in Western NY . Broke out the hand me down Mini-Mac , cut and moved some logs ( safety painted the ends ) and deadfall. Rode some new and sloppy ( but fun ) trails . And took a pic of these beautiful purple flowers . Either wild Raspberries or wild Geraniums . Not sure which .
  4. Detergent or non detergent in 60's Tecumseh?

    The posts on this I have read : Detergent oil for engines without oil filters Non-detergent oil for engines with them
  5. Props to you Sir !!! Live & let live
  6. 4th of July photo opp

    Woooo Hoooo !
  7. Running higher octane gas?

    Really ? I love learning stuff on this forum !
  8. Buying New Garden Tractor

    Couldn't have said it better myself
  9. Exactly ^^^ Take a cut-off wheel ( the thin reinforced ones ) in your Dremel and make a slice lengthwise almost through but not quite . Maybe 4 cuts , then with a lot of patients and some penetrating oil , go in and out 'till they're clean .
  10. Front end parts

    I would buy them , they are sealed and plated . I would gently lift the rubber and put some synthetic marine grease in there with a needle though
  11. Penetrating oil test video

    Anytime ^ I wonder how just plain old mineral spirits would do in this comparo . I think it would be great at "penetrating" and should offer some lubricity . Going to write them ( he DID ask for suggestions ).
  12. Pretty interesting ...
  13. Rest in Peace JimD

    How about setting the empty chair next to one of your Horses and snapping a pic or 2 ? Would be a good entry for next years calendar
  14. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    ^^^^^^^^^ X-2 ^^^^^^^^^