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  1. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    I use this little fella for the throttle cable on the sled and 4-wheeler : https://www.ridersdomain.com/motorcycle-accessories/tusk-cable-luber-with-champions-choice-cable-lube-p?s=67819&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB15zs6-J4syfmjWGxIl2tWq-Pewb3iKFoPOzRD66wHs4TMEmH-gf_saAhOmEALw_wcB
  2. Crazy Electrical Problem

    Welcome to Red Square !
  3. Lost my buddy yesterday

    My uncle and aunt had to put their cat Willy to sleep yesterday . They're both heartbroken after being together 16 long years . My heart's with 'ya Uncle Joe & Aunt Mary
  4. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    Love the ice screws !
  5. Snow blower sprocket alignment

    Welcome to Red Square We just LOVE pictures , plus it may help to get to the bottom of your issue .
  6. 4 WD tractor pics...

    Thanks brother . Thats sharp!
  7. Gear lube.

    I don't want to sound like i'm badmouthing Super-Tech ( Walmart's brand ) because I feel that it's fine for a light / medium duty application . But after running it for one summer ( about 800 miles ) in the 4 wheeler's rear diff , I had some unusual wear on the ring gear and pinion (caged-roller) bearing . So for those of you thinking about using this in a high-pressure severe duty application , I would suggest a better lubricant . Again , not badmouthing it because I do use it in things like the snowblowers' gear box etc..
  8. 4 WD tractor pics...

    Very cool .
  9. 4 WD tractor pics...

  10. What are your other interests?

    Thanks for the hit and miss pics . We stumble on these relics from time to time where we ride the ATV's Like being in the land that time forgot .
  11. Lost my buddy yesterday

    Was the cross above your longtime friend a simple irony or something greater ...... Very sad news .
  12. Lake affect Snow Storms

    Answered your PM .
  13. 2017 Last Walk

    -5 this AM