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  1. Rusted relics of the farm

    Thanks for the pics . Love PATINA !
  2. Apple Country show pictures

    X-2 !!! Thank you !!!
  3. Try this : COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The Helsinki airport says Flight 666 has arrived safety in HEL — the airport code for the Finnish capital — for the last time. The Finnair flight took off from Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 13th hour of Friday the 13th, headed for Helsinki Vantaa airport. Finavia, which operates Finland’s 21 airports, says the flight landed eight minutes ahead of schedule at 3:47 p.m. local. The flight started 11 years ago and has fallen on Friday the 13th 21 times with no reported ill effects. Still, Finnair has decided to retire the flight number. As the carrier is switching around some flight numbers later this month, Flight AY666 will become AY954.
  4. Home Audio Recording ?

    Eventually ... Right now I'm looking for latency reduction methods / settings between my DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ) and my Audio interface
  5. Any musicians here into recording their stuff at home ? I'm just getting back into it after 20+ years away from it and all this technology is confusing the bejezzus out of me DAW's , Audio interfaces , latency reduction ... all stuff I never had to deal with when I had my trusty old 4 track and a cheap guitar After playing Japanese finger shredding junk all my life , i figured it was time for a treat . Jackson Soloist and a Marshall combo 30W amp .
  6. CRUD! Snapped a head bolt

    Hope you used a bottoming tap .....
  7. CRUD! Snapped a head bolt

    Don't chance it . Weld a nut onto it ! I didn't and it wound up costing me 300 beaver pelts for a new engine last year
  8. Saved from the scrap yard

    Wouldn't be interested in selling that seat-pan would you ?
  9. First Wheel Horse

    " ON PURPOSE " < Welcome to Red Square !
  10. Boat seats?

    Yep .
  11. Carburator help with the Raider 12

    Carburetor cleaner will kill the engine if it's entering the venturi . Starting fluid makes 'em speed up . Speaking from memory , there's a bushing kit available that comes with a new throttle shaft and a bushing with an oversize O.D. that will correct this . I did mine years ago but lost the before and after pics in the great computer meltdown .
  12. Carburator help with the Raider 12

    X-2 ^^^
  13. Here's a thought...

    We've had snowblowers in our Horrible Depot for a month now ....
  14. Wheel Horse Truck?

    X-2 ^^^^^^^^^^
  15. Q: What do ye call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?A: Rookie