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  1. Your title ... was it opinions or options ?
  2. New Old Owner!

    Welcome aboard .
  3. Help with model

    Welcome Slopes . Check where the throttle shaft goes into the carburetor , they're notorious for "egging" and sucking air , or spray a little carb cleaner there and see if the RPM fluctuates .
  5. A Little Trip.......7 Screws and a Plate Later

    X-2 ^^^ Get better
  6. Tool box.

    I have a Craftsman too . Mine is red and has a few more drawers but I don't have that big storage area on the bottom .
  7. Folks, I just woke up from a dream.

    As long as we can pass down our sturdy treasures and the one's they're passed on to share our passion , what's there to worry about
  8. Reborn 953

    Pleeeez don't put any stickers on that tractor , if people can't tell what it is they shouldn't be interested !
  9. Not Pretty but works

    You can "toggle" it in your post , I'm not sure if it will disappear or not .....
  10. what a picture

    That must be one confused tractor

    That's what I do ^ Then add 3/4 light coats of Valspar Implement Enamel .
  12. Airborne Commando Wheel Horse

    Do you think you could get that dang tractor out of the way so we can see the "art" better
  13. old dog, new to the forum

    Good boy ! Now go get your master to post some pictures .
  14. Getting the garden ready!

    I'm doing Anaheim Chilies in containers this year .