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  1. My dad always mowed with junk walk behinds . He bought his first brand new rider and it was a Work Horse . He was always glowing while mowing from that point on .
  2. "Multi terrain" means you can cut my lawn too
  3. Looks like he's gettin' around
  4. No , I think they're junk myself , but I saw someone mentioned them and figured I'd post the link . Someone has to have the Oil-Lites in the size you need . There's a bazillion of them listed on Amazon , but it's not searchable by size and I don't have a whole bunch of time to go scrolling through and read each one .
  5. https://www.fastenal.com/products/details/4123349
  6. That's warm apple cider .... RIGHT ???
  7. Too far a ride for me . I just click all the picture threads and it FEELS like i am there . An advanced to all who take the time to post them
  8. Here 'ya go ...
  9. There's also an "other hobby" thread here somewhere . Maybe post there too ?
  10. A while ago , a fella had the same handle as you on a 4 wheeler site I was on . I realize it's a common rhyme but you wouldn't be the same fella ? Would you ? Anyway , welcome to Red Square !
  11. Spray the rims with some fogging oil and wipe off . Leave the rest like it is .
  12. Sure is purdy ! Welcome to the forum .