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  1. okay my granpaa put alot of wait on my tracter/: AND HE BROKE IT... its stuck in 3rd now and wont come out? any ideas? and what do you think in making it into a puller? its set upp. look up my grandpa for the pictures his name on here is sugarmaker.
  2. A-100 project tractor

    Does anybody have a pair of front 6 inch rims off of a commando or charger that might be willing to sell them? Or if you want, I could trade you my 8 inch rims for them. I'm also looking for some 3.50x6 inch tri-rib tires for the front of my tractor. If you have any of these, I might be interested. I have a 1977 A-100 so if you have the tires and rims I'm looking for, ill give you my tires and rims if you want or I could buy them off of you. My front tires are 16x6.5-8. I am sugar makers grandson. ~Mike~