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    502 - filled ags 'n tri-ribs and powered by a K181T 8 horse and an 8 speed, with RD mower
    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
    36" tiller, 1 bottom plow, brinly disc for the WheelHorses
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  1. Yeah, it should be fairly easy to find the spot(s) that are loose if you work your way through the system. Steering wheel to shaft (not likely), shaft to pinion gear, pinion to fan gear, fan gear to shaft, shaft to steering arm, steering arm to tie rods, tie rods to spindles.... all have points or pivots that can wear.
  2. Tractor to run tiller

    I've only had manual trans tractors, but I agree that with the ground engaging attachments, they work great!
  3. 502 Worker Refresh

    Thought about that too. I guess with the 502 (and little)8-8, someone will really need to look to figure out what's special about it.
  4. When I was little and we had a 3 wheeler it could float in the creek out back... not sure how that applies to a D in the snow but it just crossed my mind!
  5. Finally, Spring has arrived.

    The plows are off the work truck and I'm hoping to keep them that way for a while. Seems when it came, it really came... but I've never seen 53" of snow in just 3 storms, so what do I know!? I do know the 22 hour days of plowing were ridiculous, with customers calling after my 2nd trip there asking when I'd be there to plow!
  6. I think the trans hi/lo lever needs to point forward, I think. But I can only hope my upcoming trans rebuilt looks this great when it's done!
  7. Oh... it's already a 6 speed? Awesome, sounds great!
  8. If you figure out a parking brake before I do... be sure to post the detail please! The 6/8 speed transmission has a slightly different brake setup so I haven't nailed that part of the build yet. I think that's my next fab project to speak of... I think!
  9. 502 Worker Refresh

    Everything has slop, so I'm planning to replace all the bearings I can get my hands on. To the touch, at least one of the intermediate shafts feel worn, not sure If that is the same as a 3 speed trans or special to the 8 speed? I might be able to tig weld it up and cut it back on the lathe if need be...
  10. What about wheel options? I was looking at Rust O Leum Ivory yesterday when I was grabbing a few cans of Regal Red and it looked too dark. I've seen white and silver, but what's the off-white that people use?
  11. 502 Worker Refresh

    I drained (mostly) and split the trans case this morning, much to my surprise one of the intermediate shafts has NO needle bearing, not even the bearing cage left in the casting! The other needle bearings are toast, broken bits of bearings all over in the case. Judging by the shape of some gears I've seen in some other trans rebuilds, I'm just facing bearing surface issues and seals, along with a good cleanup of course. @stevasaurus or @Racinbob, any input on the shape of the bearing areas of the case or the shafts?
  12. Original 1962 Paperwork

    Wall art!
  13. 502 Worker Refresh

    You're awesome Terry! I'm pretty sure something like that would be great! Some more pictures I was able to grab this morning. My 10 year old daughter gave me a hand Saturday night and we had some torch safety lessons. With the torch and a 20 ton arbor press, the hubs slid right off (fighting us tooth and nail) those 1-1/8" axles! The trans is pretty loose and requires a fill up every time I run it... probably a good time to open 'er up and see how bad the inside really is. A while back I built some front axle spacers and spun them on the lathe to get about .010" play for the wheel to keep some grease. With the drilled and tapped hubs I'll be able to run the C-101 caps in front when I'm finished. Never mind the small bit of "toe in" on one of the pics!
  14. hey hey hey I'm already working on that GR listing one... hush hush now!
  15. 502 Worker Refresh

    https://www.redoyourhorse.com/1962-wheel-horse-502-decal-set/ here's the decals that I'd like to base off from, from @Vinylguy's website.