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    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
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  1. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    I've thought about welding a nut too, currently the tractor is out of a welder's reach in the back barn. One of the studs is recessed a bit into the head, maybe 1/4". I was thinking maybe drilling out a short bolt to protect the threads in the head, then welding something on... or just tacking a bead a bit at a time to build up the stud and not weld the head... IF I can get a welder out there. gotta get the holes drilled first, I suppose.
  2. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Well, things today went from not so bad to worse. I decided I'd remove the manifold studs and go with new bolts, because I found the threads were questionable on a couple studs and I figured the manifold was just not sealed (warped?) and needed some new clamping force. Well, I went and snapped two studs off in the head. One is about 1/4" under the surface of the head, the other is about flush. I'll try to drill a small hole in each then spray penetrating oil behind them and wait a few more days.
  3. Happy Birthday Koen!!

    Happy Birthday Koen @C-101plowerpower!
  4. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Oh yeah... and I have compression now! I think that's the important part. My oldest is troubled about keeping the secret from Mommy about the wide front end. I had to explain the difference from keeping secrets and keeping surprises... Hopefully she doesn't spill the beans before we get the swap done!
  5. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    The head is back on, valves all adjusted (manual says .014" warm, most people have found .012" cold is a good start to get to .014"), no start. I found the intake gasket rings loose, I'll need to figure out why it's not seating, there's no vacuum on the carb because of the leak. But I'm close!
  6. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Well, last night I pulled the valves, cleaned them up with a wire wheel and then lapped the seats with some valve lapping compound and a drill chucked onto the valve stems. After honing the head surface and a good bath in the parts washer, re-assembled everything and the head is ready to go back on. I have a feeling with all the carbon buildup on the exhaust valves, the tractor will be happy for a while. Oh yeah and the head is mostly orange under all the grime that was caked on! A little tip - I used one of my father in law's large drill presses with a little notched out piece of angle iron welded to a shaft in the chuck to compress the valve springs. The crank of the handle did a fine job and the drill table was large enough to balance most of the head.
  7. Where are your winter Horses??

    More on that reversible plow please? That's pretty sweet! In response to the question, I have a story. My brother in law is in high school football on the JV team for a small town nearby. The team is so small, there are two kids on the sideline at any given time. Offense is defense is kick off is kick return. Basically a couple kids from the line get a break. They get beat bad. One of the kick offs, or a punt... the announcer says "there's a nice kick from Special Teams". I say "it's the only team." Long story short... some people's "team" of horses gets to play a few different positions. It sure would be nice to find a few, not have to swap implements but for play or show...
  8. Casey—our Case 224

    Only one logical reason to me. Mr. Case musn't been a fan of NASCAR.
  9. Casey—our Case 224

    Looks like a true worker indeed!
  10. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    There was a will, this was the way. BTW, great American story, for the Redsquare stars and stripes theme to kick in... Happy Veteran's day tomorrow, thanks to all who have and currently serve our country!
  11. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    is that a Ford 9" rear end?
  12. well this sucks

    I couldn't believe the power of distilled water in a weak battery... until I spent 98 cents a piece for 4 gallons to keep in the shop. I topped off a battery that would loose charge after a day and it's been sitting a week or two and will fire up my truck at any notice. 98 cents is better than 98 dollars in this case.
  13. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Good deal! Mrs. Pullstart mentioned some day she'd like to try her hand at the local pulls at fair time. With one lung breathing now it'll barely pull itself!
  14. Which horse is your favorite

    My 502 is my favorite, but my C-101 is my go-to for getting work done. The 502 has been in storage about a year or so, hopefully by spring we'll unbury it from the move.
  15. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Thanks for the input @diesel cowboy, today I found a rocker assembly and a straight pushrod to boot, along with a wide front end too! Shhh that part's a surprise for later! I'll see how it all comes together, I hone stoned the block surface today and will clean the head with a file and hone stone before re-assembly too.