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    502 - filled ags 'n tri-ribs and powered by a K181T 8 horse and an 8 speed, with RD mower
    Mrs. Pullstart has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 with a few attachments
    '78 C-101 8 speed, with 42" RD deck
    36" tiller, 1 bottom plow, brinly disc for the WheelHorses
    Newly Acquired from the 2018 big show:
    Commando 800
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    I like to focus on the simple ways of life - garden, wood heat, family time. Dune Buggies, trucks, motorcycles fall in there too.

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  1. Woodwork

    The other day working on the buggy, Jada my 10 year old was playing with a screwdriver and a scrap 2x6. Watch’a doin’ Honey? I ask. I’m not sure she says, but I’m almost done. Then she calls me over. I’d says she’s a natural!
  2. Buggy work

    Getting closer! To do: re-run throttle cable through brake line for sheathing mounts for 5 point harnesses weld in the cross tubes Behind the seats build a floor/bottom skid plate clean/prime/paint reassembly beat the snot outta the buggy (just to test it out, ya know)
  3. 8 horse wheel horse

    That’s an awesome deal! I’ve got 3 I horse tractors in my herd... they are all champs!
  4. Wheel Horse snowmobile

    Huh. Thanks Richard!
  5. Wheel Horse snowmobile

    I see some posts about having or finding snowmobiles, but is there any information on them? Who made the engines, any common parts with other sleds? Particularly a Safari 309 model, if that matters...
  6. 520h

    How many tractors are you up to now?
  7. What would you buy to keep forever?

    I prefer round hoods(though I like the square hoods probably second, unless I found a square hood with round fenders) with a recoil and an 8 speed, so I put all them parts together and got Putt Putt.
  8. The best things in life are FREE

    One man’s junk.... great chat with your colleague!
  9. Buggy work

    I think I’m getting the hang of this bendin’ and notchin’ thing. Tubes are tacked in, I have a couple other pieces to put in here and there, then I’ll suit up for long welding times.
  10. Buggy work

    Getting somewhere with the chassis brace... it’s not like the car I found, but the whole base design is different. This is a bit more common of a design, and it’ll work. I need go before show!
  11. Fer da birds.

    I think it’s a red tail, they are common along with marsh hawks.
  12. Fer da birds.

    My wife and I saw a bald eagle maybe a month or two ago fly over us at the house... no pics of that though! There was one nested along the roadside a year or two ago, they made the area a preserve / no parking, then it moved! Like it wanted to be viewed...
  13. Night at the races

    You can hear the car not running right towards the end, it was shutting off and firing back up coming out of the corners, I think the head gasket blew on 3 or 4 cylinders at some point!
  14. Night at the races

    So, looking back... it was the heat we won, we were getting ready for the feature. Sorry ‘bout that, I guess I was excited that the car made the show! We lead the entire feature by about half a lap, and in the last corner of the last lap, they threw the yellow, we overheated and blew the head gasket again. The car didn’t have the power to finish the race under power, but he coasted over the finish line and we didn’t end up in any victory lane again. It was Hall of Fame night, so they had Bob Senneker come out with his Camaro and a ‘32 Ford.
  15. Fer da birds.

    I’m not normally a bird watcher, but I saw this hawk the other day on the way home from the campground. Went back for a closer view, I wasn’t sure if it was a hawk or owl the first time. Funny, they don’t mind steady traffic speeds, but don’t dare slow down and get close for a picture!