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  1. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Anyone interested in my little yard cart? I figured I'd bring it, to haul anything I bought back to the truck... but if you're interested, find me at the show.. I won't be checking the computer or my messages again. The dump works fine and the wheels turn free after a bit of WD40 ran through the axles.
  2. 502 Worker Refresh

    Well guys, I hope I don't disappoint ya! I'm loaded for the show, still gotta pack and figure out exactly where I'm driving to! I had some fuel bowl mishaps, ordered a new one today, even that one was leaking, took it apart and re-assembled it and the leak is gone. The paint is a bit wrinkled around the steering gears and frame, but whatever I'm heading to the big show! Can't stop this train! Leaving Middleville at 7:00 am, should be plenty of time to make it to the hotel, and Italian dinner! -pullstart (Kevin)
  3. 502 Worker Refresh

    Is that a bed stack in my diesel, or is that a 502 8-8??? See ya at the show! -pullstart
  4. 502 Worker Refresh

    She's ready for the foot rests to dry! Thanks to Terry @Vinylguy and Lowell and Joette @wheelhorseman for quality parts to get me ready for the big show! Now maybe I should clean up the garage?
  5. 502 Worker Refresh

    Dash is installed, the throttle/governor is working, kill switch is wired and loom is finished, belt guards are on, seat and fenders are bolted down... gotta let a few pieces of hardware dry to finish up the choke cable clamp and then put the hood on. I got some gas on the tank and it already wrinkled some paint, I guess that's bound to happen! Hanging weight is on, I think other than the cable I have to finish the foot rest stirrups, get some decals on and cruise around the yard! When I started the project, I had two right side tie rods. I cut one apart and rotated the end 180° and re-welded it at the same length as the other one. Now I have pretty good toe out - great for race cars but not so much for the old 502. I'll probably just deal with it for the weekend.
  6. 502 Worker Refresh

    Hood stand is on, engine fired up! @ebinmaine I'm glad I went with that $20 eBay carb, it came right to life and I saw fuel flowing through the glass bowl long after it filled up. No fuel pump needed! I have a little rubbing on the grass screen / engine tin that I might try to tune with a screwdriver, but I'm so happy with the way it runs. Last few parts are baking in the hot sun, I'll quick wet sand the second coat of Regal Red and shoot it one more time inside the shop with no air moving before final assembly. Gotta run kids around for a bit... see y'all later! pullstart
  7. 502 Worker Refresh

    The hood is good as it's gonna get, but it's a worker, right? I gotta remember that... is there a re-freshed worker pledge? I Pullstart acknowledge the time I put into this tractor. It was meant to get dirty in the work field and should be treated as such. I won't cry if dirt jumps onto my fenders. Amen. Here's some more pics, while the paint is drying!
  8. 502 Worker Refresh

    It's funny when the parts stores in town know I'm in a hurry to get something done... every time I go in there! Always too busy, but it keeps me outta trouble I s'pose. To town for some more primer! ….
  9. Sorry for my ignorance, I've been in the garage quite a bit these last days/weeks. Is there a mash pole going up/adding to this year? My wife would like to make me a sign
  10. If it ain't too late to reserve, and it ain't too late when I roll into town, I'll be joining for dinner too!
  11. 502 Worker Refresh

    I'm still not satisfied with the hood, so I've been working it a little more before paint. Thank God, the weather should be good and hot for paint to cure today! Also, I figured out that the gas cap from my '69 C-10 fits the 502 tank just perfectly, so I picked up a new one for about 7 bucks at Autozone. Win!!! A little more work on the hood and it should be ready for paint today. I picked up some body filler at Autozone and it's quick setting, so I should be able to get a couple skim coats on and sanded in no time. A little more work done to the roller this morning:
  12. 502 Worker Refresh

    Long way to go, and a short time to get there... I had some mishap with the transmission rebuild... shame on me for not ordering parts sooner. But, when life gives you lemons, crack a PBR and pull apart your C-101. Well, that's what I did anyways! I got the transmission painted, then assembled to the frame and wha-la there's a roller!
  13. 502 Worker Refresh

    Front wheels are in the paint booth (outside in the sun), the skim coat on the hood is getting sanded and the dash is painted. Last big job other than rebuilding the transmission (parts are due in tomorrow for that) is to sand and paint the hood stand.
  14. 502 Worker Refresh

    And alas, I started some chassis assembly! I have to be honest here... I see a lot of pictures similar to this, where someone posts a frame with a few parts bolted on. Not that exciting until you realize how much work goes into getting ready for that moment! I am proud of this pic, there's more time and effort (err... Coffee/Pabst/Coors) into this than I thought it might take! Heading to bed early tonight, 2am has been the norm since Sunday, still up around 6 or 6:30. Time to shut my eyes for more than a nap.
  15. 502 Worker Refresh

    Getttin' to be more shiney parts than dirty parts at least!