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  1. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Reminds me of the Kenny Chesney song American Kids... "Momma and Daddy put their roots right here cuz this is where the car broke down"
  2. 2017 Last Walk

    Nice truck, still! I've got a 69' C10 that I'm itching to get into the garage. When I got it, it had the original 307/3 on the tree but it burned 2 qts of oil on the 45-50 mile ride home... so the 307's on a stand and it's got an 86' 350 in it currently and I kept the trans original. It's so much fun to cruise in, but needs a few things... A freeze plug, thermostat, hoses... Still looks solid, needs rockers though.
  3. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Thanks to our little one, I've got something for you all to chuckle at. Allis-Chalmers is apparently challenging for an 8 year old to say... It came out as Elvis Chompers!
  4. Would you just look at that kid grinnin'!
  5. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Good news, not so great news! Good (great) news is that she loves the new front end, it was a much better surprise than the 12 ga. Mossberg 500 I got for her last year and we were able to take it for a quick spin in the cold and snow storm with her at the helm! Not so great news, the video my father in law took for me wasn't of the best quality being a ways away and it wasn't very clear. She said afterward "I didn't realize how much more I like the look of the narrow front, but now I'll be more comfortable driving it more often" (and that's what counts the most!) Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Merry Christmas @dells68 and Emory! Awesome surprise, the decals look awesome, as does the rest of the tractor!
  7. Sounds like the governor doing what it does to me... does it run that way under load? Mine sounds the same at idle, until there's a log in the way of the ram.
  8. Best of luck with that predator, I'm assuming you'll not see this until after Christmas but it'll pur right to life and give you trouble free happiness! The 22 horse on my wood splitter is the best thing I've done to the machine yet.
  9. Hard to believe that's the same machine... Well done @dells68!
  10. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Yep, I'm gonna try to get the kids involved with that... not sure of the quality once it's done. Agreed, but it's not my tractor... I think it's pretty cool how the front end looks like it's been on the thing forever! I'll surely have to give her a bath come spring time, there's 60+ years of grease and field stuck in every crevasse of the thing.
  11. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Took a "test" ride (yeah right, I knew it would be fine, I just wanted to drive the dang thing!) this morning, then picked up an ignition switch to finish it up. The kids and I can't decide if Mrs. Pullstart would like to re-paint it ever, or leave the patina... so she won't be getting any AC orange paint for Christmas... unless she wants it after we open all our gifts and we ask her!
  12. New to me 552

    Welcome to the site @chiefM! My 502 is my favorite machine, I'm sure the 552 will surprise you with all it's potential!
  13. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    It's a better tractor than when we picked it up. It's been a while, but I'd like to say it runs better than ever before, along with having a tight front end. That narrow front was done worn out, let alone not being wide. Plus, I lucked out putting the distributor assembly back together, she purred right to life! The only thing left to do for now is fix the ignition switch... err lack of one. Since we get it there's been a red wire sticking through an eyelet on a white wire... and you pull the red wire out enough for them to touch... and you have power to the coil. EEK! Oh, by the way... most of the junk in the background isn't mine. Just imagine how many tractors and other toys I'll be able to store in that 50x80 building!
  14. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Aww shucks guys, thanks! Well, hard to deny good comp'ny... Here you are! One might think that Pabst can jumped in for the photo op, but it just so happens a buddy dropped by with a thanks for a snow plow job well done... I'm gonna plan to start the install later today, or tomorrow depending on when Grampa will have his loader back from the neighbor's place. Hopefully the porta-power will be out of the way enough there to start sliding the steering head into the frame rails (assisted by a block of wood and a BFH most likely, along with the cherry picker, floor jack, levers, grunting, etc...) Here you can see where the steering u-joint goes, between the block and the frame rail, under the distributor area. That may just be the most challenging part of the wide front install. The guy at the tractor junk yard I got it from kept the steering shaft and wheel intact with the front end, he says it's easier that way. I'd agree, if the engine weren't in the tractor I think.
  15. RANT (sorry) Allis Chalmers Blues

    Ok, head is torqued back down and water stays where water's supposed to be! Yay! So, I started pulling the narrow front apart. I've read plenty of posts that say "yes, it can be done" well here's some pointers that I have figured out so far: For a jack stand I used a big round chunk of fire wood about 20" high on end, then a couple 20" long pieces of 6x6 under the frame rails, once I used the cherry picker to lift the front end off the ground. I also unhooked the battery, so when the tractor was in gear the starter didn't actually bump the engine over and knock it off the jack stand. The 8 bolts holding the steering head in are the easy part. The distributor drive housing needs to be pulled off the engine. I think I haven't moved it, but I should have marked the distributor/rotor before I pulled it off. There's an oil line that needs to be loosened to get the distributor housing off. With that out of the way, you can drive the dowel out of the steering u-joint. This is a fun part: separating the steering shaft from the u-joint! I got the torches out and heated the u-joint casting up red hot, then got behind the wheel and turned to full lock and pulled backwards as I kept spinning the shaft (loose in the hot u-joint casting) until it came apart and I about fell off the back of the tractor (ok, I did fall off but caught myself most of the way down). Now, the steering shaft is apart and the steering head is loose... or without bolts. But it's still very much in the frame rails. I loosened the bolts about 2 turns each that hold the transmission between the rails, and I loosened one frame rail from the rear axle housing. The front engine crossmember, I pulled one bolt out and left the other in. The transmission is holding the engine up, but this will keep one frame rail relatively in line and I figured only one needed to come out. There are two bolts from underneath holding the radiator tight to the frame rail, those went the same way. One loose and one out. Next step: Get a porta-power, or a bottle jack. Push the frame rails apart about 1/2-3/4" and try to get the steering head loose. Then move the porta-power between the engine crossmember and the steering head and start working it out. When you're close, wrap a chain around the steering assembly and tie it up to the cherry picker. Keep working it out, till you've got a 2 wheeled tractor! At this point, I've got to get over to grampa's place to load up the wide front end and get it into the garage. This should all be doable before Christmas, right?