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  1. Help Identifying my "new" 520H

    Well, pictures will help us try to identify it. But based on your definition so far it's somewhere between a 1991 through 1997 as the 1991 was the first year that had both the forward swept axle and hyrdo-controls on the steering column.
  2. Putting in a New Garden – Lots of seat time

    No not really, the tractors pretty much absorbed any resistance I incurred. While plowing just had to make sure to stay in the previous furrow. Then when making the first pass with the tiller I just had to keep the wheels up on top of the furrow rows. Once I got past the first complete tilling pass the rest was a breeze. I really like the Wheelhorse tiller because the tractor takes all the beating from when the tiller would happen to bounce a little.... much better than any walk-behind tiller where your basically wrestiling with the thing..
  3. This past weekend I used a couple of my tractors to prepare my new garden. I needed to move the location of my garden due to the purchase of a new piece of land next to my current property and the plans for a new building to go near/in the location of the old garden. The new garden is approxiately 30ft by 50ft. On Saturday, I used one of my 520H’s and 12†moldboard plow to first plow the area. Then, on Sunday I used my C165 with 36†rear-mounted tiller. Some pictures below for your enjoyment. The Workin_Horses…. 520H with 12†moldboard plow, custom made quick attach weight rack on front C165 with 36†tiller, custom made quick attach weight rack on front The New Garden.... Before I started - Area for the garden mowed short After Plowing complete First pass of tilling After First pass of tilling complete After third pass of tilling… Now to let it set a few days and then run the tiller through it a couple more times before planting
  4. tri ribbed tires

    I have a pair of the 16-6.50-8 tri-ribs on my C165 that I push snow with and also till with and they are great. I got them last summer so haven't tilled with them yet but they make a big difference when plowing snow. Got mine from millertire (link above). At $70 a piece they are pricey but you won't be disappointed.
  5. 520H ground speed adjustment?

    How do you readjust the "neutral" position?? One of my 520's has the issue with the transmission trying to move the tractor with the parking brake set.....
  6. Here are a couple pictures of the shield on my single stage blower
  7. I recently picked up a single stage with the exact setup you are talking about.... The blower I bought was model number 79263 for the 200 series tractors but I am just taking the tall chute off it an putting in on my short chute blower that I have mounted on my 520H. I haven't had enough snow to try it out yet but I can get you some pictures tomorrow.
  8. date and post time

    I think it is just your settings go to your user control panel, then board preferences, then edit global settings.. you can change your timezone, daylight savings time, and time/date format settings
  9. 520h years?

    There is a picture posted of a 1990 520H in the gallery with the levers on the steering column, viewtopic.php?f=35&t=28193 The one I sold was 41-20OE01 which comes up online in wheelhorse.com customer support as 1990. The manuals and parts diagrams online for this show the steering column controls. I thought the 88-89 had the controls between your legs and on the side. The 90 added the forward swept axle and changed the controls to the steering column then 91 and above added the gear reduction steering.....
  10. 520h years?

    Pretty sure the lever was only on the side for 88 and 89. I recently sold a 90 and it's controls were on the steering column
  11. Mentone Indiana Garden Tractor Show & Swap

    loaded and heading that way..... I'll have a following for sale 1990 520H w/48" deck also have some other small items, plows, tires, etc. cya there.....
  12. Craigslist wheel horse

    www.statewidelist.com Allows you to search whole states at a time
  13. 520H starting issues

    I have a 520H that when I turn the key sometimes the starter just spins but doesn't engage the flywheel to start the engine. This is erractic as sometimes is starts on the first try and then sometimes I have to turn the key 2 or 3 times before it starts. It has the 2 cylinder 20 horse onan engine. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  14. veedersburg, in SHOW

    Haven't been to it but found this info on the web: May 27-30, IN. Steam Corner Antique Power Show. 2164 S US Hwy. 41, Veedersburg IN. http://www.steamcornerfleamarket.com/index_002.htm
  15. Hydraulic hoses

    I had some replacement hoses made for my c160 hydro at the local bobcat dealer. I took my hoses over there and he had real similar fittings in stock that were the right sizes. Had new hoses made in about 30 minutes. Cost me about $30 for two hoses. Later, Justin