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  1. Sears GT 19.9

    I myself would leave it as it is (all together) (had 2 of them) i have a roper 18t hydro, basicly same model except an automatic! the 19.9s are actually a 20hp. i also have a 71 SS14 and a 62 suburban 725! i have 65 different attachments sofar for my roper :)
  2. The mother load!!!

    almost looks like what kj hammerhead has or had :eusa-think:
  3. new RJs to the pile

    Nicr score Greg in s.e. ohio with 2 rj35s
  4. Is one more collectible than the other?

    Kelly beat me to it about the steering :D
  5. New TV's ??

    those tv's are nice! dont get talked into buying a plasma tv!, they start loosing 15 percent of their picture clairity within 7 months to a year!
  6. Rototiller Tractor

    I think you may be talking about the frazier rototiller? they are big and bulky and will hurt you if not paying attention! they have spring tines(so keep your toes and anything else away) they are yellow and the gas tank looks like a torpedo! hope this helps Greg
  7. Need pic of trailer

    yes, snowco built them and labeled them for several brands! i would say if its cheap enough to go get it before someone else does! they are kind of hard to find and pricy if you do find one!!
  8. Please keep MAX NUNN in your thoughts

    i cant say anything that hasent been already said! farewell Max :(

    Happy ThanksGiving to everyone out in Wheel Horse land! hope you all have a great day and be safe while traveling Greg in s.e. Ohio
  10. Roper 18T Hydro and sears attachments

    the plow is gone, but will take $100 for the 3pt hitch and is complete!
  11. D200 will not start

    pull the cover off the points to see if they are firing!!
  12. What make and model is this?

    I personally would not go over $200! its missing both side covers, starter/generator guard, plate by the shifter, oil bath breather, hood, grill, (headlight lenses/buckets and probably the tail light-these are very hard to find and you will pay alot $$$ for them) make sure the transmission works in all gears with no hang ups, used in these tractors and hard to find! good luck and dont be afraid to pass it up if it dosent feel right :)
  13. New guy from PA

    :) you came to the right place you will get the help you need here i have always gotten the help i need here, tractor wise anyway :wh:
  14. D200 quick tach with 3 point

    Hello and yes the bracket mounts infront of the axle! should be some pictures around here somewhere again :)