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  1. Starter/generator k181 reverse poles from ccw to cw

    Thanks, glad I did not try that
  2. Starter/generator k181 reverse poles from ccw to cw

    SOI: I,m really NOT an electrician and read your post a couple of times..is this you telling what I did in the wright words and proper English or is my starter generator abouth to explode??
  3. Recently I found my self in some trouble: I ordered a Starter/generator in the US, I,m from Holland and had It shipped here with some help from Stevasaurus, thanks Steven Placed the S/G on the motor and found out they send me the wrong one, counter clockwise in stead of clockwise....problem. Sending It back to the States was not an option because that would cost me another 90 dollar or so. I took the old and new S/G apart an could find no difference what so ever Here,s some pictures of the armature and frame, old and new http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos543_zps0989bdde.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos544_zpsd1f742c6.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos542_zps20fabcbd.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos541_zps5dd4c3da.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos540_zpsecf1bdc6.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos539_zps34289221.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos534_zps5dfc7133.jpg http://i1363.photobucket.com/albums/r713/Jan_van_der_Zwaan/Wheel%20Horse/iphonefotos533_zpse4aba7e1.jpg The advise I got from the Red Square forums was to change the field coils some how, and so I put the new armature in the old frame, just because It made sense somehow , in the process took out the new brushes and changed them with the old. Placed the S/G and it works, the S/G turned the right way now, problem solved! By taking apart the old S/G I also found out that the cause of all these trouble was a bearing that was worn out and created disbalance in the armature. So If you should have still the original bearing in your S/G maybe It,s a good plan to check it out and renew it or put some grease on it! Hope this can be of any help for those of you with polarity problems and the luxury position to have an old and new S/G in possession Jan
  4. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    I,m out of trouble! I changed polarity by using the new inside of the S/G in the old outside and It,S turning the right way now, and running! Thanks guys for all your help!
  5. 8 hsp Kohler Start Generator help

    Got it!! I changed polarity by using the new inside of the S/G in the old outside, It,s turning the right way now, and running again!
  6. 8 hsp Kohler Start Generator help

    Hey there Steve and other supporters I had contact with Koen en will see if ordering a new s/g is an option. At first I will try to reverse the S/G myself by reversing the wires, however.... the insides if both cw and ccw look exactly the same so I,m afraid It,s the inner piece that needs to be reversed or re winded. If that,s so, I,m gonna take it to a s/g specialist here in Holland. Steve, skype tomorrow at 15.00 your time?
  7. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    @Meadowfield: the belt is ok , at the moment of this picture I had the "clutch" disconnected, works fine as far as I know. @ Richard,The original starter generator was burned inside, ordered a new one in the US at Pat,s small engine store, spend lots of money to ship it here and it turned out to be the wrong one!, they send me a counter clockwise..... at their site they recommended this one as the right one, well it,s not. It can be shipped back at my costs but that would cost me another 90 dollars. So I,m looking for a trade or buy for this problem. And that,s why the wiring looks a bit odd, I tried just about anything before I realized I had the wrong S/G, and yes, I want to get The Horse back to original, working is fine but It,s such a nice little (big) machine , It would be a crime not to restore it!
  8. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    Richard, Thanks,I have the belt guard, the picture was taken after some work. (there,s always work on these old horses) However.... always looking for some stuff: I,m trying to get it as good as possible, so If you happen to know where to find a clockwise starter/generator, seat and steering wheel? I got some great help from the US guys,(stevosaurus,JimD,Daveoman), but he costs to ship from the US are incredible! Maybe I will come to one of the meetings in the UK to meet and look for parts.
  9. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    To Bob Maynard, The Horse turned out to be made in Belgium, Factory Amnor in Oevel Belgium Model 1-4832 Serial no: 115505 Engine:k181s serial no:E0175011 Spec no: 301080 Hope it,s helpfull
  10. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

  11. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    Thanks guys! Bob Maynard, I will give it a try, but the Horse had a respray once and off course the plate was sprayed also, gonna try to rub it carefully with some thinner and see whats on it... At c-101: Leermens Groningen, not so far from you than, didn,t know there,s more Horses in the Netherlands!
  12. Dutch Commando 8 introduction

    Hi there Europeans! Jan van der Zwaan is the name and I,m already on the Red square site in the US, I,m from the Netherlands and proud owner of a Commando 8 1968 with Kohler k181s engine, lookin forward to get to know some of you guys,
  13. Commando 8 starter/generator

    Looking for a working starter/generator for my model1-4831 Commando-8 Also the regulator. I.m from the Netherlands and there,s no parts available here! Who can help me?