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  1. Kohler Magnum 16 popping spluttering.

    Hi all, It's been a while but remembered i need to update for help of future readers. The Facet electric pump helped with fuel delivery, obviously a old tired mechanical K series pump is not up to delivering enough fuel to a Magnum 16. But did not solve the problem. New fuel, pipes and in-line filter made no difference. Took the fuel bowl off and found some debris so cleaned it, checked all settings again. Found the Governor adjustment out and was not opening the throttle enough, helped with settling things down but still wont run. Tried a different spark plug (wrong type) and made running bad all over then wouldn't start at all so refitted the correct plug. So gave up for a couple months as my trusty 312-8 did everything i needed. Decided to have another go and get my Electro going or i'd change the engine back to the worn out K-301. There must have been some debris still in the pump after i changed the fuel and lines, so cleared the fuel bowl again and had life once more. Starting easily and tick over lovely, as the revs increase it would pop and fart and die off. Decided to test the spark plug. This was the problem, on idle the spark was fine, as the revs increased the spark got more sporadic and eventually stooped momentarily letting the revs die off or stop the engine. A new plug and the engine ran lovely, letting me set the mixtures perfectly. Now the engine idles like a stationary engine at a steam rally, slow and smooth. Higher revs are nice and quiet (thanks to the stack pipe) and smooth. So, just because the spark plug is new, don't rule out it being a duff one!
  2. No problem Richard, Something must have drawn me in to visit the forum, having a 10 week old baby and a house to build, i don't get much time to do now. Been using my Electro nearly every day for over a month taking trailer loads of tools and materials where my Transit just can't go Cliff, has yours still got the Electric PTO? I have mine but someone has cut all the wires off inside so have to make do with the manual PTO for now.
  3. Hi Cliff Another Electro 12 in the UK I thought i had the only one! As for controls they are quite easy but i'm guessing you dont have any decals on yours telling you what does what which would be quite hard. Any chance of some photos? and photos of what controls you want help with? Lucky i visited here, don't have much time to go on forums now. cheers, Daniel
  4. 312-8 Not getting fuel

    Are you getting fuel in the bowl of the carb? if not then maybe the float needs adjusting? If you are getting fuel to the bowl then there could be a blockage in the carb. What brand of carb is it? Kohler, Carter or Wallbro?
  5. Kohler Magnum 16 popping spluttering.

    I've had a tinker today and made some progress Tried a few things with no change, but fitted an electric Facet pump and things have improved hugely! I guess my want for a mechanical pump were the issue, also old fuel, it seems my cans have been moved in the shed (shared shed) so not sure how old the fuel is i have put in! This being the case i'm getting new fuel, pipes and replacement filter Monday and will see if i can get this running perfect Not sure what electric pumps are ment to be used but if the Facet one works i'll have to make a bracket up. Thanks all for your help, i'll let you know how the new fuel and lines go in the week. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Kohler Magnum 16 popping spluttering.

    Thanks, It starts and ticks over really well and smooth so reluctant to go broken key way, i was assured it was a good engine. I've got a few things to check and change so will report back on those later. cheers,
  7. Hi all, Been trying to get my Kohler Magnum 16 engine running. It starts really easy hot or cold, tick over is fine and very smooth hot or cold, but, when increasing the revs it pops and splutters and does increase but still popping a bit, when trying to drive it just goes flat and gutless, a small bit of choke does help but still wont rev nice, will drive but not well. The pump is mechanical and came off my K301 12hp. Carb has been professionally rebuilt and been tested on a rebuilt engine so came back set, I have re-adjusted it slightly but doesn't make much of a difference. I've not had the engine running before myself so can't say i've done anything to it that would have made a difference, all i've been told is it did run years ago and was removed when the starter motor broke. Don't know if it's normal or not but when throttle lever is full, with engine off, it opens all the way round on the carb. When engine running and throttle on full it only goes half way and splutters. Ive set the valve clearance and ignition module as per the book. Any help gratefully appreciated. cheers, Daniel
  8. help needed please

    One of these makes testing the spark so easy: http://www.amazon.co.uk/VS526-In-Line-Ignition-Spark-Tester/dp/B000RA2TZM/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1407911426&sr=8-6&keywords=spark+tester worth getting. When you cleaned the carb, was there any crud in the bowl, did you make sure the tiny holes in the needles had nothing blocking them?
  9. How's the market at the moment

    Depending what car it is, you could just get the speedo recalibrated rather than change gearing. I had mine done by speedy cables: http://www.speedycables.com/ Just a thought.
  10. Hi All, For those that haven't seen on the MOM forum i have bought a 312-8. Almost exactly a year ago my Electro 12 arrived and everyone said they multiply in time. Refusing to believe it was just living in denial, as ive just bought a 1992 312-8 Sat in a barn for four years, half a days work cleaning the carb, doing some wiring, and building a front weight, the Magnum 12 purred sweetly. And did a full days hard work the following day shifting mud. cheers, Daniel
  11. Custom built snow plow.

    Thanks for your comments guys, glad you liked it and had a laugh which was the point really, got to have a laugh in life. Exhaust pipe isnt strong enough for that I know, the cheek of it, still he never parked there again!
  12. Hi All, Well ive finally managed to finish my latest fun video on building my snow plow, not that ill get to use till next winter, but its done:) Hope you enjoy it! Now i need to find time to get the charging system tested. cheers, Daniel
  13. Kohler charging system voltage.

    Not had chance yet unfortunately, been so wet down here in Dorset i havent found free time when its not raining to get the tractor outside and run the engine to test charging output Rest assured, I will post up my results as soon as ive had a chance. On the plus side though i have made a start on editing the next video, making a snow plow. cheers, Daniel
  14. Kohler charging system voltage.

    Exellent, thank you Ill download it now.
  15. Hi All, Been having some battery trouble recently, seems to be fine starting but then go out to the shed one day and wont start. Battery is about a year old, and holds a charge on the bench, just wondering what the voltage output from the Kohler charging system should read when the engine is running? I know a car alternator should produce 13.6 - 15 volts. Im getting 12.2v, but then the battery was reading that before i started the engine, so is it im getting the same 12.2v because there is no charging, or is that what the output is normally? cheers, Daniel