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  1. 1994 264-h model 72043

    Thanks Garry. I guess I was curious if a 240 mower deck or even newer model would work with my 264-H with the quick attach.
  2. 1994 264-h model 72043

    Hi All, First off I will tell you a bit about me. 3 years ago I bought a fixer upper house on 5 acres. The landscaping was all field grass, blackberries, snowberries and tires covered by all the grass. Any way sitting out front was a Toro 264-H with 290 hours. The previous owner said i could have it and that it had sat outside for 5 years next to the road. He said it had a busted steering belt. Well digging into it I found there was no belt but a stripped gear. I changed the gear, oil, and replaced gas line and melted in-tank filter grommet, replaced batteryand my mower has ran great. Since it was free I have not been nice to it. I cut down tall grass 2 feet plus, blackberries and the hidden tires. I have only replace the belt for the mower deck twice. Fast forward to today. The years sitting outside in the rain have not been kind to the deck or the plastic hood. Hood has been repaired more times than I care to say. Mower deck had the top cut off and replaced with sheet metal. Today the deck is beat and I finally lost a spindle. My question is what other decks will fit? Currently it has a 38" recycler deck Model# 78226. I don,t really want to buy new but would like to find a used deck that is compatible. Also does anyone know if the hoods are compatible between different years? I apologize for not reading through the facts and other threa on this sites. I just lost the spindle and am looking for a quick solution. I have kept this thing garaged since I fixed it and have gone over most things. I love that it turns on a dime and would like to keep it running as long as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. Eric