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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your comment was a "eureka" moment for me. I knew there was something I was missing and your more experienced eyes caught my stupidity. I guess I was just lucky last year and put it in the front notches without realizing there was another option (the wrong one it turns out) Back at it bright and early tomorow. Bob
  2. I feel like I am going crazy here. With the help of folks on this board, I got my "new-to-me" 522xi operational last winter with a 44" snowblower. It worked beautifully. This year I removed my loader (just like last year) and I am now trying to mount the snowblower. My current challenge is the mounting of the rear support rods from the rear Attach-O-Matic. Last year, no problem. This year the rods are "binding" on the rear axle brakets from the front end loader on both sides. The attached picture shows the area of concern. I suppose removing the FEL mount is doable, but I did not do that last year. I have just spent the best part of this day trying to figure out what is different from last year with no success. My frustration level is rising so I am really hoping someone can point out the error of my ways and send me in the right direction. Thanks for any ideas. The snow is here in Buckhorn Bob
  3. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Hey Rick They called it an industrial grade belt - did not have kevlar in the 104 size. Bob
  4. KOHLER CH22S - No Spark - Need Help

    Final Chapter I picked up the tractor from the dealer a couple of days before Christmas. It seems to be operating well and today I finally got to spend some time blowing snow. The report from the dealer stated the following, which I am sure will make sense to some and maybe even help if you experience the same "no-spark" problem I had: Test for spark - none - pulled engine and removed blower housing. Removed coils and checked resistance. Valves both OK. Checked test SAM unit - OK. Went through engine wiring harness. Found bad connections at in-line diodes - soldered instead of crimped. Installed ignition system & blower housing. Ran on bench. Reinstalled engine. Tried to start - not firing with key in start position. Put key in run position - jumped starter at solenoid. Unit started and ran. Went through tractor wiring harness& checked/cleaned connections. Ran OK. Hope it continues to operate like it did today. Bob
  5. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Got a 104" belt this morning and it is working just fine so far. Blew snow for about two hours cleaning up the bits and pieces the plow guy left. Finally getting some use from this unit and I think, with a little patience and practice, I may even be able to keep from sliding sideways when I get too close to the ditches. Happy New Year to all and thanks for your help. Bob
  6. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    The Kevlar option is a good one. I recall using one some years ago on another mower (different manufacturer). It worked well and was still going strong after 3-4 years when I sold the mower. Bob
  7. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Hi Rick and Glen Do you think it would be better to go a little longer or a little shorter? I am fairly sure they have 104 but don't know about 104 3/4. Thanks again for your accumulated wisdom. Bob
  8. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Thanks Glenn The manual that came with this blower says Model No. 79366 – 8900501 & Up if that is any help. On the price point, the local dealer wants about $75 per OEM belt while my belt folks want $31 for the aftermarket one. Bob
  9. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Another update and another hurdle Got back from the belt shop and went about installing the new belt only to discover it is too #%*! short. The belt guys used the old belt as their template and, as I have used them successfully many times in the past and they always seem to be less than 50% of dealer pricing, I took their recommendation. I even bought a second belt for back-up. Thankfully, when I was leaving, the owner said that old belt was pretty beat up so if these don't fit properly, don't run the machine and bring the belts back - we'll fix you up. I saw something on another site which stated the belt for my blower is 104.35 inches long and 21/32 inches wide. The belts I bought are labeled B97 and appear to be 99 to 100 inches long and 21/32 wide. I believe I need B 101 which is 104 inches long as stated at http://crossbelts.com/conventional/bvbeltsizes.html Another trip to the belt shop in store for Monday. Anyone have any advice, recommendations, cross reference information, etc. that will help me be certain I am getting the right belt for my blower. Any comments on aftermarket vs original equipment belts appreciated as well. A side note - I am getting more and more proficient and installing and uninstalling the snowblower Bob
  10. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Success . . . to a point! I got everything running and actually blew a bit of snow (finally). Then halfway back up my lane the belt on the snowblower blew apart. It looks quite chewed up but it is too dark now to check all the pullys etc for nicks etc. I am preferring to think that it was well past its "best before" date as the previous owner had never used the blower and the original owner may not have used it for a while as his main concern was the front end loader. Off the the belt shop tomorrow - probably will get a back-up belt as well. Bob
  11. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Hi Rick Thanks again. I have been banging my knuckles and I am getting close but, with the pulley unit mounted, I am having a difficult time getting the spring attached. I can't tell from your picture (the one with the tape measure) if the hooks on your spring are at right angles to each other as mine are. The shadows of the hooks on your spring seem to indicate are at right angles Am I missing something, or do I need to somehow twist the spring to install it. Bob
  12. Springs, Idlers - oh what fun

    Hi Rick It sure is great to have the voices of experience on this site. Thank you so much for your photos which are very helpfull. Now, with a few clevis pins and a couple of large washers I could be blowing snow tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Bob
  13. Hi folks I just got my "new-to-me" tractor back from the shop and have been working at installing the snowblower - it is a 44†Two Stage thrower for my 522xi. I bought this unit used and some parts appear to be used more than others but I think I have most of it figured out. I am now attempting to install the tension spring and as shown on Page 9 Figure 16 of the manual. I have two springs as most of the peripheries came in a box - one is larger than the other and may be from the mower deck. My question - does the spring attached in a small indent on the arm of the idler puller. I have done this but it appears the spring will be ribbibg on the PTO belt. Will try to get a photo tomorrow (no lights in the shop yet) but would appreciate any insights. Bob
  14. Thanks Rick Glad to know I am not alone with items disappearing. Bob
  15. KOHLER CH22S - No Spark - Need Help

    Update Hated to do it but I had to go to the dealer. My fix-it buddy says it is only the third thing in over 35 years that did not leave his shop running. Kohlers must be special. Dealer says he has it running - something to do with diodes in the electrical system - and I may have it back on Monday. Will post more details when I have had a chance to talk with the mechanic who did the work. Bob