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  1. Can't even jump

    Thanks again for all the advice. I tried to start the tractor Sunday and was back to the crank, no start symptom. I have a week off so I have some time to 'learn'.
  2. Can't even jump

    With all the issues I had, I pulled the two wires from the switch and tied them together in case the switch was bad (it wasn't).
  3. Can't even jump

    Woo Hoo!!! Replaced the battery and ground wires and spark plug. Started right up. Only issue now is when I flip the PTO switch the engine stalls. Looking at the trouble shooting checklist it says to check for jammed attachments or seat must be occupied to close interlock system. I have the seat switch bypassed right now. Would it cause a stall if bypassed? I'll change it over this weekend. Thanks again for all the help!
  4. Can't even jump

    I got sidetracked. That was next on my list.Thanks.
  5. Can't even jump

    Thanks again for all the suggestions and help. Hopefully I can get out tomorrow to check voltage.
  6. Can't even jump

    Not quite sure exactly what Chuck meant, I'll let him clear that up next time he's in... Obviously there was a lot of heat on that one connection. We can't know if it came from the inside out, or the outside in. My previous thoughts were based on the assumption the darkest / roughest area on the copper was probably going to be at the source of the heat. Just as if you heated a copper pipe at one end until it started to oxidize, the other end of the pipe would likely not be as discolored if indeed it became discolored at all. What I was going for was a rough visual clue of where the heat was most intense. My belief is the extreme discoloration of only one solenoid lug means the heat was most intense at the copper ring / wiring stud. The solenoid melted from internal heating. Having said all this, the good news is the solenoid has been replaced and the starter is (apparently) spinning the engine. The diagrams I posted earlier were to bring us to this point and I was probably a little late in posting them. My apologies. You should be able to purchase an appropriate starter cable at Walmart, The last cable I bought there was about $4 and I use it as a troubleshooting tool in my tool bag. Measure up the distance from the battery to the solenoid and grab an approximate sized cable for a few dollars and end the discussion of cables and terminals. If a new cable is not available, a multimeter can be used to perform a voltage drop measurement while the engine is cranking. Any further potential trouble spots in the cabling can be quickly identified with a voltage drop test. I will post some pics later tonight if you are unfamiliar with the troubleshooting routine. Please note - do not crank the engine for extended periods of time without resting the starter. You can still ruin the starter by overheating by cranking for over 30 seconds without allowing the starter to cool for several minutes before the next cranking attempt. From what I have read , your engine is CRANKING fine but fails to RUN. Time to turn your attention to checking for spark and fuel delivery. At this point we may be confusing you with too many cooks in the kitchen. I will bow out unless you have specific questions you need me to answer. I really appreciate the help from everyone. Every suggestion is an opportunity for me to learn how to do something new. Quite honestly I didn't know what a starter motor looked like before I began this adventure. Today I disassembled and cleaned one. I'll bring a multimeter home tomorrow and pick up a new wire as well. Pics would help if you don't mind.
  7. Can't even jump

    Yes, I meant the engine will not start and run. I can start replace the lug. Would it be better to replace the entire wire or cut half an inch off the end?
  8. Can't even jump

    I will clean these up. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Can't even jump

    And that obviously was because of a loose, corroded, high resistance connection at the solenoid, not a problem with the starter itself. What happened after that then? (too lazy to read back, sorry!) I think you hit 'enter' too soon! Yes, I edited the message. My kids removed buttons from my laptop and It's a bit hard to type. Ok, recap. I bought the mower used. Before I bought the mower the seller jumped it (because it didn't have a battery)to let me drive it around. I got the mower home, took the battery from another mower and I couldn't get it to start. After some inspection found the ugly solenoid above.Save Old Iron mentioned, "If corrosion were present in the wiring / terminal or within the relay, opening the relay case should reveal heavy discoloration on the copper stud under the melted area of the relay case. If the copper ring and a single copper stud are heavily pitted and discolored, one might think the heating was within the relay case. If the relay internals show "reasonable" wear, the resistance of the wire terminal on the (+) post may be the culprit." After reading this again I believe he is saying because of the heavy discoloration inside the solenoid It was in fact the solenoid and not another wire. From here i'm kinda stuck and was going to review messages to see if i missed any other suggestions.
  10. Can't even jump

    Hi Matt, let's step back here a sec... You say that the starter spins the engine? Then if I may ask, why are you taking it apart? When you say "...can't get it to kick over..." so you mean that the engine simply won't START? If the starter is spinning the engine, and the engine doesn't start, you should be troubleshooting the 'doesn't start' rather than the starter circuit! Before I replaced the starter solenoid the starter motor wasn't turning or wasn't turning much. I mentioned I would post pics of it. In hopes of not missing anything I added pictures. The starter is turning and turning the engine but the engine won't turn over.
  11. Can't even jump

    Here is the main wire. I still can't figure out how to remove the bottom that contains these parts. The starter does spin the engine but I can't get it to kick over.
  12. Can't even jump

    Here is the starter motor. I don't know how to get this apart for a better pic.
  13. Can't even jump

    I have some time today and I will review the messages. Wheeledhorseman mentioned i forgot to show the inside if the starter motor. I'll attach some images. The first images should be of the solenoid. I'll post the starter motor next.
  14. Can't even jump

    Tried a brand new battery with the same results. looks like I'll have to check each wire.
  15. Can't even jump

    I wasn't able to get it to turn over tonight. Not really sure why at this point.....