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  1. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    He's talking about just the gaskets. And the guy at onanparts isn't helping much. I need main bearings. Any other places to order them?
  2. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    Ok so the valve seat in the block was damaged and had to be machined. The seat has been repaired. Now I need to rebuild the motor. Can someone help me locate rings, cam bearings and crank bearings and a full gasket set.???
  3. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    Thanks. I spoke with the engine shop and he is willing to try if I strip the motor down to a bare block. So it looks like she will be getting new rings as well.
  4. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    The seat fell out of the head. It has to be pressed back in. Likely going to need an oversize seat.
  5. 2 more to sell, C195 & 520H

    Is the 520H still for sale?
  6. runs good and drives great the hour meter hasn't worked since iv'e had it i'm guessing about 800


    1. mustangken


      which tractor is this?  both were in ohio




      it's a gt-2500

  7. 1995 520H

    Hey my 520H just threw a valve seat and I need to replace it. This seems like a good option. Let me know if available. I'm in New York.
  8. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    So now my problem is that the engine shop says the opposing cylinders will not fit on his table for him to work on the valve seat. Any suggestions? Any rebuilt used 520H's out there?
  9. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    Thanks Sarge - that was my dad's nickname. I'm looking into have the seat fixed. Just wondering what other solutions might be out there. Think I also want to replace the lifters while in there as they kept losing adjustment.
  10. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    My 520H blow out a valve seat. Any suggestions on a new motor or should I have the seat repaired?