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  1. 18 auto D series part out

    Mufflers cost and condition?
  2. D-180 Wheel Horse

    Just got my first Wheel horse!
  3. I'm looking to ship a snowblower attachment from Catawissa, PA to Indianapolis. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Jonathan
  4. Doesn't any know if the model 06-37SX01-14665 snowblower will fit a D-180? J-Mack
  5. Kolher M18 Piston Head Pitting

    Good, thanks guys! Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Tapatalk
  6. Kolher M18 Piston Head Pitting

    I took the cylinder head off my Kolher M18 and cleaned off the carbon to find some pitting on the piston head. Should I be concerned on the condition?
  7. I became a little curious when researching the PTO RPMs of older Wheel Horse, John Deere and Cub Cadets. I read that "Woods Equipment" fabricated the Wheel Horse D finishing mowers back in the 70's and maybe the 80's and these mowers were belt driven, and I'm guessing had large pulley that appeared to reduce the 2000 RPM to a more manageable/safe speed. Mike Duwe from other forum (weekendfreedommachines.com) discovered that John Deere and Cub Cadet also had REAR PTOs with 2000 RPMs similar to the D Series Wheel Horses. Because of this, is it possible the John Deere 260 Finishing Mower and the Cub Cadet L42 Model 349 would fit the D Series Wheel Horse? I'm not sure of the rotation direction, spline and diameter differences between Wheel Horse and John Deere are, but this would make finding a D Series finishing mower slightly easier. Woods Wheel Horse John Deere Cub Cadet Citations: http://www.weekendfreedommachines.com/discus/messages/335/232953.html?1205075077 http://www.woodsequipment.com/default.aspx Other Links: http://www.weekendfreedommachines.com/discus/messages/335/139036.html
  8. I have both manuals, but I think this is what you need. Once I'm back from vacation I'll scan my service manual and send it your way.
  9. Cousin snow plowing

    It's nice to know grandpa's Wheel Horse is still being used after he's gone.
  10. Snowblower for d-180

    tommyg, Did you find a model number for snowblower type that fits your D-180? Jonathan
  11. PTO Pulley for D Series with rear pto

    I too am looking for a rear pto assembly.
  12. Did you get your 3 point hitch fabricated? I'm looking for one as well to upgrade my D-180.
  13. 48" deck issue with d-180

    Good news then, I have these. I already replaced the handle bracket, but haven't swapped out the bumpers.
  14. 48" deck issue with d-180

    All this is interesting being that I believed many of these decks were interchangeable to a certain extent, but I guess I was wrong. I measured the difference between the two Wheel Horse decks I own and the tack-a-matics are slightly different in width. Hopefully changing these out for each other will fix my problem. I also noticed my bell crank seemed to be welded on both side which would make it almost impossible to fix. In the drawings the bell crank is made of two pieces...why would you need to weld these together? When I get some time I'll pull the whole assembly out and see what can be done. J-Mack
  15. 48" deck issue with d-180

    Well I replaced one of the center bearings on my deck yesterday and seemed to fix my issues. After I brought the tension up on the PTO belt it snapped after one day of mowing. My guess is the pulley's angel on the belt dug into the side and broke it apart. Good news is I got a great deal on a replacement belt! But now I have another question... On my D-180, my Bell crank Assembly part #101000 on my hydraulic lift linkage seems to be off. As you can see on the far left and right the snow thrower links are not in the same place. According to my parts manual, it appears they're alined in the same position. The issue I'm seeing is the right snow thrower link is hitting my mower deck right on the head. Is this normal or would I need to service the bell crank assembly to aline to the left link?