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  1. My Restored 101C

    Looks great-what paint did you use??
  2. New Leak

    Thanks for all the replies everyone-hopefully I will have a chance to work on it in the next coupe weeks.
  3. New Leak

    Control valve for my hydraulic lift has sprung a leak!! Are o-rings and gaskets available for this?? I thought the line was leaking at first, but I saw fluid dripping from the valve Friday night.
  4. Didn't get to do anything to mine, but I worked on my neighbor's daughter's Cub Cadet and looked at her poor Horse-I think this is a good case of abuse that should be reported! She asked me to get it running and get a new seat for it because this one moves around, but I think the seat is the least of her worries!! Poor Horse
  5. That's a great story! I had just read an article about the car's history and "discovery" earlier this week. Apparently "movie cars" weren't a big deal back when his dad bought the car. After watching that video, I believe I would have to leave it as is and enjoy it.
  6. I'll do that this weekend when I go to Mathews. Thanks
  7. I'm using the NAPA Gold 1762 oil filter. The gasket feels like a tight fit, but it doesn't stay put for very long. That's a lot of air moving through there!
  8. Mine looks to be in good shape, but after a couple hours it has worked it's way halfway across the oil filter, so I thought maybe there should be some sort of adhesive.. Thanks for the replies!! Chip
  9. LOL I saw it when I bought the tractor and I immediately stuck it on there with duct tape-don't think previous owner worked it too hard I think he just used it to pull trailers around the yard. A LOT of air moves through that opening if it isn't blocked off, I can see how that cylinder would overheat. It's a fairly clean tractor-the duct tape just looks tacky, not that anyone would care but me.
  10. Sorry, I should have been more specific-I'm talking about the gasket or seal that seals the opening in the blower housing where the motor oil filter goes through.
  11. C160A

    Nice-glad you're not closer, I would be very tempted!
  12. Great looking Lawn Ranger!! Once I finish some other projects I'd like to get one-it's the perfect size for my yard at home, the 310 8 is overkill. My yard is better suited to a push mower, but that is nowhere near as much fun.
  13. Changed oil in 416. Since the filter gasket was hanging on the pto lever when I got the tractor last year (I put it on with duct tape) what is supposed to hold the gasket in place??
  14. 68 B112 Allis Chalmers

    I just found this thread-that machine turned out great! Here is a pic of mine-it's a good "10-footer", but I was using it to work at the time so I just did a quick clean up and paint. Our neighbor bought it new, and I bought it from his estate back in 2008. That B & S 12hp has tons of torque!!!
  15. How far will you go?

    My next door neighbor in Mathews picked up and brought me my first horse a few years ago-a 314-8. I got a basket case 416-H from him last year-just had to drag it across the field. I found 2 within 10 miles of home. Only one I got either not near home or Mathews was only 70 miles away.