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  1. McLean restoration

    I just found this thread-that turned out great!! The workmanship is first class. I really appreciate the amount of time it took to make some of those parts and how nice they turned out. Thanks for sharing the pics and videos.
  2. It does look good-I need a couple of them. I'll have to check Tractor Supply here.
  3. Yea, if my neighbor hadn't called me I wouldn't have known anything about it until I got down there on Sunday. Weather up here was fine. I really didn't have time to fool with the 416 the other day, I will probably take the C160 down there to use and bring the 416 up here to work on it. Between cutting up the tree and trying to stay ahead of the grass I don't have much time to work on anything when I'm down there.
  4. I've been using the 416-H as my main mower since I got it a year ago. A couple weeks ago I decided to clean up the deck and sharpen the blades on the 314. I installed the deck on the 314 last weekend. I guess the 416 got jealous because after about 10min run time today it started surging and stalling-would only run with 1/2 choke so the 314 got a good workout. That 416 has never missed a beat since I got it until today-I'll look into it when I get a chance but timing is terrible. We had some sort of microburst down in Mathews on Friday and I have a lot of tree to clean up. Two truckloads so far-probably 3 or 4 more to go. Whatever this was it peeled the neighbor's tin roof off his new garage like an onion peel.
  5. I have a 314-8 with a 48" deck it handles it no problem, and some of the grass I cut is pretty tall and thick.
  6. Engine Temperature Sensor

    Send Boomer a PM, I bet he can help you boomers_influence
  7. Running higher octane gas?

    I am not a fan of ethanol at all and I wish it wasn't being shoved down our throats. I am lucky enough that I have several sources of ethanol free fuel. A friend of mine has a new Silverado that is rated for E85-it was cheaper so he decided to try it last week-he said the truck absolutely hated it-no power and fuel mileage was terrible. He said in his area (very rural) E85 is starting to pop up more and more but he won't be using it again.
  8. Best directions to show

    I wanted to, but too much going on around here-maybe next year!!
  9. Best directions to show

    Only thing I would add to what Jim said is I would pick up 295 south of Richmond to by-pass the Richmond traffic. You can get back on 95 north in about 43 miles-it's a left exit.(I think exit 43A). Much nicer ride than 95 through Richmond.
  10. Nice Monte Carlo!!! It looks like it would be a lot of fun. Is that a 350 in there?
  11. Front End Friday

    Ready to go!!
  12. What Horse, and how old

    I had been trying to buy my neighbor's worn out 310-8. One day he came over and asked if I would be interested in a 314-8 that he found under a carport covered with a tarp at a friend's house. His friend told him what he wanted ($150.00) which I agreed to-sight unseen. Next thing I know my neighbor had borrowed a trailer and brought it to me! No battery and 3 flat tires but everything else was there and the sheet metal and paint were in excellent shape. 1996 model with 298 hours on the clock! I think it was 2013 when I got it so I would have been 52 and it will be the last tractor I get rid of. Somehow I now have 5 in addition to this one. Still not sure how that happened Growing up my dad's friend had a 1267 which we borrowed often and I would like to find a 1067 or 1267 one of these days.
  13. 520-8 vs 418-8

    You could always keep both!!! I like the idea of the 520-8 because it's so unusual, but I would have a hard time getting rid of the 418 (that's a very nice tractor)-not to mention the known electrical issues and comments you've made in the past about the Onan engines..
  14. My Restored 101C

    Looks great-what paint did you use??
  15. New Leak

    Thanks for all the replies everyone-hopefully I will have a chance to work on it in the next coupe weeks.