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  1. 14 auto friction clutch

    I was wrong I had to use a pliers to open the tow valve and when I used the pliers to shut it I didn't get it tight en a screwdriver gave it another 1/8 of a turn and it would go forward and reverse. Thanks guys I just had to do the basics and check everything
  2. 14 auto friction clutch

    The tow valve is closed I had to open it to move it from where I had it stored.No hydro lift.This is the friction clutch on the shifter that you adjust for forward and reverse
  3. My 14 auto no name won't move I tried to adjust the friction clutch how the owners manual said but that didn't work.T tranny was full of fluid .What is the next step? TIA

    Rare earth magnets are used in computer hard drives and sold on ebay. If you get a pair of large ones they are capable of giving you a blood blister if you get skin caught between them
  5. A Lathe tool question.

    carbide is great but interupted cuts (a 4 speed mainshaft) will fracture the carbide usually ruinging the cabide-I use brazed tips from HF cheap and easily replaceable-boring bar types availble don't know about over the pond though
  6. Floor Jack rebuild

    http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=51105 Try this site to see if it is worth your time Good luck
  7. Make your own tie rods

    I believe that TSC sells the ends also. allyou have to get is the threaded rod and alumniun
  8. Plow skids or shoes

    Someone installed a rubber belt instead of a scraper blade instead of a steel bar. I don't recall what the results were but I thought it sounded feasible
  9. Stuck relief valve

    A battery charger and a carbon arc welding rod. Ground and hold rod on valve screw It will heat screw up to remove. No flame just heat. Good luck
  10. Friggin mice!

    super glue dog food on mouse trap trigger
  11. hydro tranny

    Try to adjust the friction on the directional control lever.
  12. mystery wheel horse

    73 14 auto no name
  13. Rectifier Test

    save old iron told me to use a 24VAC transformer like for a door bell -hook the output leads to the stator connection and test from the rectifer out put to the case and you should have around 14 VDC
  14. blade removal help!!!!

    Try a carbon arc rod in a batter charger- it is supposed to heat it up like using a torch but no flame. Good luck :omg:
  15. Best Way to check stator

    If the connectons are cruddy would it cause th single post on the bottom to get hot and melt the plastic on the solderless terminal? Sorry for hijacking your topic :omg: