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  1. 310-8 tachometer

    Thanks, shallowwatersailor! Two more sites I haven't checked out! I'm getting a great selection to choose from... Thanks to everyone!
  2. 310-8 tachometer

    PaulC - Thanks! Thats a pretty attractive tool also! I like the idea of being able to check RPM without having to clip or route wires ... the reflective tape would be handy for going from one tractor to the next. I appreciate your input ... a good option!
  3. 310-8 tachometer

    Thank you very much! Northern Tool is one of the few that I didn't check! I appreciate your help with this!
  4. 310-8 tachometer

    I'm trying to find a tachometer for my 310-8 (after-market) but I'm not having much luck. There are some "made in China" tach/hour meter combos on Ebay, but the reviews on the items are terrible . I'd even take a hand held model; I don't think my 10hp Kohler is running fast enough at full power and would like to measure the max rpm.
  5. C-165 engine mounting

    Good point ... a plug with a hex key or 3/8 square drive should put that drain plug pretty flush to the bottom of the pan. RickJ
  6. C-165 engine mounting

    Racinbob and Callen - - Well, if the engine's still there, I guess I'll take a shot at making an offer on it; I doubt I would lose any $ on it if it didn't work on the C-165 and I had to resell it! It may take a while for me to get around to the installation; I have fallen behind in landscape upkeep and I need to get my curb appeal out of the danger zone, ha ha! All you guys in this forum are awesome, and I hope to be able to reciprocate by helping someone else when I gain some more knowledge. Thanks again! RickJ
  7. C-165 engine mounting

    Can whlvr - I actually did measure this one; it's 1 1/8, so I'm ok there! Thanks for the reminder! RickJ
  8. C-165 engine mounting

    Racinbob and oldredrider - I'll need to do some more measuring on the frame ... I really can't take the oil pan off the engine since I haven't bought it yet. I'll keep you posted on my progress and my decision on whether or not to buy ... Thanks again! RickJ
  9. C-165 engine mounting

    OK I took a few photos of the 16 hp engine for sale; hopefully one of you experts can give me some mounting options ... a different oil pan or whatever. It looks like I don't have the option of using different holes other than the four "ears" which aren't threaded. I have a feeling I may have to pass on this engine for my C-165, but I'm grateful for all your suggestions and information you all have already given me. RickJ
  10. C-165 engine mounting

    Thanks, Racinbob! The guy with the motor closed at two today and I couldn't get there in time to take pictures with my good camera ... I'll be there Monday morning and get photos from all angles which will give me a better understanding of what I need to do to mount this heavy chunk of iron. Hopefully, they will show all you experts on this powerplant what I plan to use on my C-165. I'd like to use the shaker plate because it's kind of unique ... but I guess I could always save that configuration for when the correct engine makes itself available. Until then, back to cleaning wheels and replacing pulley bearings and other mundane stuff! Thanks for your input!!! Pictures will be posted when I get them! Rick
  11. C-165 engine mounting

    Thanks, Sousakerry! I'm going to go back to the vendor and take several photos of the engine; maybe I'll be able to get some more specifics and stt if it will bolt up to the frame without the shaker plate. I appreciate your response! Rick
  12. Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    Kelly - Thanks so much! I couldn't have asked for a more thorough review of Kohler oil pans! This will take a while for me to digest; I think I will go back to the seller and take several photos of the engine and compare it to the photos you included in your reply. Stand by for a few more questions from the Kohler dummy! Rick
  13. C-165 engine mounting

    I have a C-165, pretty much a bare bones restoration project ((frame, trans, sheet metal (most)), and am having trouble with the engine mounting. The frame has the rubber isolated engine mounting bracket (see attachment). I found a 16 hp Kohler engine I would like to bolt in, but it look like it has a different/larger oil pan. The engine might have been removed from a Cub Cadet, according to the engine seller. Mount holes on the base of this engine are approximately 6 1/4 wide, 10 5/8 long, and measure approx. 12 3/8 diagonally. The mount holes don't match to my mounting plate. This running engine seems pretty nice for $300. A different oil pan, maybe? Fabricate a mount bracket to fit the drive belt, etc? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the mounting and oil pan configurations/sizes! Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments or advice!! Rick
  14. Snomobileaddict and tarcoleo - Thanks for pointing out those sites; both look good and are going to be added to my "source list" ,,, Thanks again!!!
  15. Twin54 and Squonk - - Thanks for the info and the dimensions; I haven't pressed the pulleys off yet so I couldn't accurately measure it, but now I have something to go on. Looks like a pretty common size ... Probably find one at Amazon and save some gas driving to the parts store! Thanks again!