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  1. Photo Post Test

    I was trying to post a pic of a wheel hub from a C-160 but obviously failed. This attempt was made from my iPhone. Will continue to accomplish.
  2. Brake Shaft Seal

    Thanks so much for product info and procedure.
  3. Brake Shaft Seal

    Appears as though I have a small leak on the shaft seal (brake) on a 1976 C-160 Unidrive 8 speed. Is this adjustable or do I need to replace? I'm talking small but annoying. Suggestions on replacement and availability would be appreciated. Thanks everyone in advance.
  4. C-160 Unidrive Issue

    SUCCESS! It indeed was the left hub woodruff key. I adjust both sides evenly to allow full contact with those keys. Thank you so much fellows,I learned a lot today thanks to you. David
  5. C-160 Unidrive Issue

    The high low shifter seems to be fine. Looking from the rear the right side axle extends about an inch and a half from the housing. There is no axle showing on the left. When shut off and placed in first gear high I can push the tractor with ease.
  6. Recently purchased this unit after test driving and successfully loaded up a 30 degree ramp into my pick up. Drove it home and after starting it would not and still will not move while in gear. It will barely creep with a nudge but will not under any load. Removed keyed drive pulley and it seems to be fine. I am at a loss as well as the person who sold it to me. He was told by transporting it in gear could have caused an internal failure. Any suggestions and thank you in advance.
  7. C-160 WEIGHT

    Thank you one and all for these safety minded tips which after all is priority one. I was sucessful in "walking" it down by adding regular car ramps to the folding ones I had. However a small trailer with built in ramp is for sure in my future transportation issues. Thank you once again.
  8. Reference Downloads

    Will do for sure and how does one go about that and also becoming a military member. Thanks everyone for your help.
  9. Reference Downloads

    I actually downloaded the OM for a 1976 C-160 and bookmarked them as "favorites". In accessing them this morning it says I've exceeded daily use. ??????
  10. Reference Downloads

    What is the policy on this subject? Seems as though only a limited number can be obtained on a daily basis? Just curious as I need some info.
  11. C-160 WEIGHT

    Looking to offload from my pickup a C-160 standard with no attachments. I have aluminum folding ramps rated at 600 lbs. Anyone know how much this tractor weighs? Thanks in advance.
  12. C-160 Auto Need some Advice

    Greetings: A local guy here in southern Indiana who is in the small engine repair business in our small town has offered me (after many requests on my part) his 1976 C-160 with hydraulic front blade. Koehler engine he claims uses no oil. This very nice conditioned also comes with a 48 inch mowing deck and wheel chains. He only uses it for snow plowing and I trust him explicitly. Will deliver it to me within a few miles for $1500.00. Any thoughts or advice on this purchase. I already have a 1976 C-120 manual which I use extensively here on our small horse farm. Thank you in advance for any comments. David
  13. 500 Special

    I have not seen this unit but the model is 1 3631 with a serial #485437. Straight from the Horses Mouth lists this as a 1968 500 Special. Belongs to a friend of mine. Is this valid?
  14. "Snow Fun"

    Just wanted to share my initial experience plowing snow with our C-120 which was a learning episode for me. Wasn't sure how 8 inches of snow would effect "Myra" but with the addition of Agricultural rear tires and extremely heavy add on weights,she handled the project with NO problem. Manual up and down and swivel front blade worked great here in Southern Indiana. Never thought I would welcome snow but bring it on! Getting me away from the wood brining stove might be the hardest part. There is also a lot to be said for retirement,which is a blessing.