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  1. Brake drum

    Hi, Does anyone know the secret to getting the brake drum off a 312-8 ? I've removed the bolt that appears to be the only thing holding it. I've pulled, pushed, sweated, sworn, nearly broke my finger and two hours on its still looking at me with that look these parts give you when they say " you loose" Thanks in advance Steve
  2. Hi again everybody, Yes it's me again, sorry I will drive you all bonkers with questions and needing help. I've started the very slow strip down of my 312-8 today. Measuring and listing every screw, nut and bolt as I go so that I can get it all back together again afterwards. But yes I'm stuck already! can any explain to me how to remove the steering wheel? as I can't for the life of me work out how it's fixed? I am almost positive it's the original one to the tractor, if that helps? Thanks in advance Steve
  3. Vin plate

    Hi Garry, Thank you very much for all your help its very kind of you. Steve
  4. Vin plate

    Hi everyone, thank you for the warm welcome as a newbie here. Could anyone tell me where I can find the vin plate to get the age of my 312-8 please? All I can find is a sticker under the seat which reads E112K80127382 Thanks Steve
  5. new here

    Hi everyone I'm new here, I've just brought myself a little wheel horse (312-8) after more than a year looking at them. I've always been and still am a fan of the Honda atc's. But onto a new challenge now and excited it's my little Wheel horse. Hoping someone out there may be able to help me with where I can find/buy a workshop manual and where to find/buy my parts new and used? Look forward to any info and help I may be able to get from you (hopefully without driving you all mad in the process). Steve