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  1. "D" series tiller question

    Thanks everyone for the help. This Forum is Great!!!!!
  2. Hi , I have a D series 50 inch tiller my question is there an adapter I can buy to change the male spline hook up on the tiller drive shaft to the female on the tractor to a female on the tiller to a male on my kobota tractor? What I've been told so far is wheel horse is a cat 0 and the kobota is cat 1 just asking so I don't waste my time trying to do this. Thanks
  3. Wheelhorse 1054

    Hi, I checked it out this evening before getting to dark looks like they may have changed the hubs. I will have to look closer when I take it apart to see if shifter came unbolted or is broke hope to spend some time with it this week end Thanks Jim
  4. Wheelhorse 1054

    Thank You Very Much for Photo's I will have to check tomorrow it looks to me they my have changed the hubs keeping my fingers crossed Thanks Again The picture of your Wheel Weights do the bolts go all the way thru the hub hole? I have a set on a GT14 and they are just like the ones in the picture wasn't sure if they where correct putting the bolt all the way thru the hub hole was the hub drilled out or is the 1054 and GT hubs different than a C series. I may be selling these weights. Thanks Jim
  5. Wheelhorse 1054

    Good Morning, I am trying to decide whether to part out a wheelhorse 1054 or sell complete. I think the rear end may have been swapped out and is not original it has 5 lug hubs on it and the original had 4 lug hubs how would I tell if the transmissiom is correct and only the hubs have been changed. the shifter looks to be original just not sure about the hub swap what size axles are on a 1054? Thanks
  6. Contribution has been sent. You are in our thoughts and prayers Max Get Well Soon,,.,. Jim in Illinois
  7. I have a 876 tractor fitted with the original front snowplow will this plow fit on a Raider 8? Thanks
  8. Good Evening, I need help posting tractor photos when i try to add them it tells me it can't post this type. any help would be great Thanks
  9. My Trans would only run in first gear, when I took it apart the gears are shot I have some replacement gears but some of the bearings are pretty pricey. thought a replacement would be the way to go. I purchased this with bad trans just started getting around to fixing this one up. Thanks Jim in Illinois
  10. Good Evening, I have taken apart my 1054 3 speed trans and it is shot. I am checking to see what other transmission would work on this model with the least modification. I have been looking for another 1054 trans but have been hard to find. Thanks for any help.
  11. electric deck lift

    Hi, thank you for the welcome. I have a raider or charger12 i will have to look tractor with one of these on it may be parting tractor out not sure yet. May be selling here on the for sale forum. Thanks Jim :scratchead:
  12. did wheel horse make electric deck lift. how much are they worth? thanks