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  1. can anyone tell me the size and number of drive belt from clutch to rear end on a 86-312-8 wh
  2. 1969 Charger V8 info/worth/opinions?

    I got one of these 4 or5 months back all numbers match Kohler 8 hp, was surprised how easy it started all lights work pushed cig. lighter in and it popped out hot. Runs good mowes good little deck noise. I"am going to buy 30=40$ paint & sand paper decals 55-70$ get them at red horse. Just pretty it up and keep it, have a good day
  3. kv 181 oil

    you are, right on the cost, 3 inches long 10.00 bucks a inch thank you for your help
  4. kv 181 oil

    thank you, been very helpful, yes entirely different animal.now for the big question, where would I get air filter for it?
  5. kv 181 oil

  6. kv 181 oil

    has no dip stick, Garry tried the manuals down loads get nothing but a blank white pages, maybe not doing wright will keep working on it, thank you for your time and help, any thing new let me know
  7. kv 181 oil

    just picked up a 1969 charger v 8 automatic all matching #s checked oil and no dip stick just plug, stuck my lil finger in touched oil, did these come with a stick like a B-80 if so how much oil to fill crank case?
  8. Thanks to Maynard for info on paint, very helpfull
  9. Has anyone tried Apple Red? Thought this was wheelhorse standard color, would like to know, restoreing a 1976 B-80 soon, thank you

    Hey, newbe here, from tn. wheelhorses not popular down here, glade to find a web site where I can get parts and answers to problems. I read on here about wheel horse shows and auctions is ther a list or paper out ther that will tell me? Thank all of you for allowing me on your web site, Bootlegger
  11. tennessee mowers

    my mowers