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  1. Thoughts on Making 1st pulling tractor?

    to be honest you have to ask some more expierenced guys on this forum. but the axels have either 1 in or 1 1/8 diameter.
  2. Pinion gear question

    o ok that works. well im not gonna take it apart again especialy since i got the parts for only 20 buks if im pullin the tranny apart again ill do when this diff blows up and put a 8 pinion rear in it
  3. Thoughts on Making 1st pulling tractor?

    and depending on how much weight you plan on puling make sure you have a 8 pinion tranny. i learned the hard way that 4 pinion trannys are weak and no good for pulling.
  4. Pinion gear question

    i put a diff in my trans. it has 1 peice pinions but i blew all 4 of them up to peices. so i got a used diff with 2 peice pinions threw in my axel shafts and all was good till i drove the tractor and the axel is solid during steering and im not sure y? good thing its a pulling tractor it only has to go straight! lol
  5. 308-8 puller with tranny problems

    that is the answer i was looking for. thanks alot these parts were cheap enough i should havce them in a few days and have the tractor going for the next show in a fewq weeks. in the mean time ill be on the look out for a 8 pinion 1 1/8 axel 8 speed tranny. i tell ya what, for a little 8 horse she out pulled a 16 horse cub cadet and 3 12 horse cub cadets. the extra low gearing is saving me. thanks for all the input guys
  6. 308-8 puller with tranny problems

    i found all the parts i need on ebay for less than 50 buks so i ordered them and im hoping to have it back together by the end of the week. does anyone know why the pinion is the weak point in the tranny? every other gear is fine and i didnt even shear a axel key so mabey i could just weld the pinion gears so its like a full solid axel? or is that a bad idea.
  7. 308-8 puller with tranny problems

    i ripped it apart today with my brother its a 4 pinion and 3 out of 4 pinion the teeth were sheared rite off. and half of one axel gear was sheared off. the rest of the tranny looks mint all gears were fine and showed no significant wear on the teeth considering its been a puller for a while. the oil was very dirty but i also think the cause was shock. the last pull of day i ouit pulled everyone there and went for one last pull and my foot slipped off the clutch pedal and the tractor took off while conectted to the sled and it shocked the hitch ripped off the hitch, and shocked the tranny and i think thats why all the pinions were broken. so im ordering parts right now. my brother will post pics in a little bit
  8. 308-8 puller with tranny problems

    im not even looking for that im just wondering if anyone knows what wheelhorse transmission was built the strongest? i only have 1 inch axels and im in the process of tearing this tranny down but the hubs are stuck. once i get them off i will know what went bad.
  9. hey guys im new here but my little brother isnt. my 308-8 pulling tractor has some issues. it shifts fine al gears work but wen turning sharply the transmission makes a loud click noise. it happened after my last event where i pulled 2600 lbs on a dead sled. im thinking its gotta be in the differential. i would like to find out where i can get a better transmission. one with the 1 1/8 axels and i here the 8 pinions are the strongest. if anyone one here has some input it would be greatly appreciated. or if u have a tranny you want to sell