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  1. how many of you have a bronco 14

    I have one not much to look at but it was FREE
  2. Wheel Horses??

    I would say no they are not Wheelhorses.
  3. Birthdays Today

    :USA: guys I had a good one :D
  4. 1956 What???

    I think the footrests are missing The one I have has them I do not have a good pic of them but they are there :D
  5. Anyone ever heard of a 1972 Wheel Horse Bronco?

    I have one It is in bad shape
  6. C-140 8 Speed

    We have all been down that road before. It is nice to know that if you have a ? you can ask and know you will get a reply B)
  7. How old is my Wheel Horse...195?

    Not that is what I call adding fuel to the fire B)
  8. Vehicle id numbers

    Toolman just right click on the pic and save it B)
  9. solid seat pan

    My 400 also has the solid seat.
  10. I found out how i got started...

    Bring the pic along also that would be cool.
  11. My new Black Hood

    I like the C's I have a 105 that is used for the mowing and love it Mine is a 1984
  12. happy birthday whfan74

    :banghead: Scott Stay warm :thumbs:
  13. 314-8 What are they worth??

    How much do you want to pay for it? :thumbs:
  14. i dread it, but...

    Nice one :thumbs: