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  1. GT-14 Snowball Project..

    A right angle box was the first thing that came to my mind but they are super expensive and kind of weak. I found a source for a 12 puck pulling clutch that I really don't need, and that will allow me to run bigger injectors.. And I also just picked up 2 tiny turbos off a Volvo at the junkyard today.. See why this is called the snowball project? I'll have to get some pics of the GT-14, I'm sure it will be totally out of hand by the time it runs so stay tuned. I do have a pic of the turbo 1276 in which I just took a junkyard turbo that was way too big and bolted a carb on the front and it just kind of worked. That's the one I cut grass with weekly
  2. First off, for a little background, I have a 1276 and a 72' GT-14 which I inheireted from my Grandpa who bought them new. Used both for a while until the hydrostat gave up on the GT and shortly thereafter, the motor on the 1276. Swapped the motor to have a good running tractor which left me with a "stripped GT-14" and somehow in the mixup, a turbo on the 1276 (which I will get into later). Anyway, I started out by buying two bad 8 speeds with intent to make one good one and swap out the old wore out hydrostat unit and then power it with a v-twin or really just anything bigger than the Kohler that it originally started with. Ran across a good deal on a Yanmar 3-cyl diesel but now I have a dilemma on my hands.. What can I use for a shaft driven transmission? I think the 8 speed idea is getting scrapped in favor of some sort of shaft driven setup (preferably with a rear pto aswell). Has anyone done this? The only thing I can find are Cub Cadet transmissions, in which I really can't "find" to purchase one. Is that like totally against the rules in the Wheel Horse world? Haha.
  3. New Guy From Missouri

    I'll get some up here when I can. We've had some wild weather here the past few days and I haven't had a chance to get either one out
  4. New Guy From Missouri

    Thanks everybody! Will get some pics uploaded tonight. Oh really? Yeah not too far up there at all
  5. New Guy From Missouri

    Hey everybody, somewhat new to the Wheel Horse's here. I've got a 66' (?) 1276 and a 74' (?) GT-14. My grandpa bought both of them brand new and they've been in the family ever since. I pulled the 1276 out of the shed where it's lived for the past 18 years, gave it a little TLC and have been happily using it every week to cut the grass here at the house. (Cuts a whole lot better than I ever imagined might I add) Just got the GT-14 out of my dad's garage tonight and brought it over to my house and am in the middle of doing the same thing. I've got a few attachment's for it, too. Not real sure on exactly what all is there, but will be finding out this weekend when I dig them all out. Anyways, I hope to get some good information (and possibly be able to give some too!) P.S. Would post a picture but they are both kinda tore apart at the moment and aren't too pretty, will get some soon