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    I collect and restore WH tractors .<br>Also am restoring 1942 John Deer LA tractor <br>I have about 15 WH tractors
  1. WH fuel pump

    I had email that a man found A diaphragm from other equipment to use in Kohler fuel pump and I lost it can anyone remember it ? thanks Myron
  2. WH fuel pump

    Someone posted they used a B&S fuel pump on a WH tractor . Do anyone know the B&S number ? Myron in ct.
  3. sickle bar

    Thanks Garry . Myron
  4. sickle bar

    I have a WH sickle bar 42 inch with only the serial # (A-40378 ) how can I find the model # so I can get the manual ? I putting it on 1973 14 HP model 1-0340 WH and need help . Myron
  5. how to date WH

    I am sorry but wen your 84 you do screw things up . If you don't believe me just wait . Myron
  6. WH 633 help

    It is not from a 1962 because it only has one bar to lift the deck no bar for the back lift .
  7. how to date WH

    I have two parts WH tractors I would like to know the years ( ser. 29929 ) ( ser. 62-1741 ) . Myron
  8. how to date WH

    I went to the Toro parts lookup and you can't lookup older WH tractors . Is there some other place to look ? Thanks Myron
  9. help with my WH 633

    My 633 is different from the pictures of other WH 633 . Myron PS my ser. # is 62-18509 and has a Kohler K141T . I don't have the hood or belt guard .
  10. WH 633 help

    This is my 1963 mod. 633 that is different from other 633 .
  11. WH 633 help

    I have a 1963 mod. 633 ser. 62-18509 WH . I am confused all the pictures of the 633 are different from mine . I don't have lift unite in the back just a tow bar and the lift handle and catch are different no bolt in mine . The box under the seat is also different . The back of my tractor is like a picture I saw of a lawn ranger mod. 34E 34R . Thanks for the help . Myron
  12. sandblasting

    I built one of the 5 gal pail units to trap the sand when sandblasting . I have the intake pipe 2 inches from the bottom and 1 inch of water . My vacuum filled up with water . It took me two days to get the lid of the pail and it had sand in it . But why the water in the vac.? Has other people had good luck with this unit ? Thanks Myron
  13. Tool box on 502

    Does anyone have a picture or the dimension or the tool box used on WH 502 ? I would like to make one for my WH 633 . Thanks Myron
  14. help with a 1963 mod 633

    I have a 1963 Wheel horse mod. 633 ser 62-18509 . The kohler engine " K141T " ser 681440 spec 29136A has a pull start but the tractor has a welded in battery box . Do I have the wrong engine? Thanks Myron
  15. electric PTO clutch

    I can't find any set screw . I though the large bolt held the clutch on . The bolt I am using 5 in. long Myron