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  1. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. D-160 fair price

    what measurements would you want. Width of the pins and height?
  4. D-160 fair price

    I am selling my D160. Put it in the classified section. Put on sale locally. Asking $1500, probably high. Only got 1 guy interested. What would a fair price be for a D160 with deck, blower, and 3pt blade, all in good working order? Don't see many D's for sale. I don't know, but I see yardmans, and craftsmans asking $500-800 for just a small old rider, in not so good shape. Tractor quality wise there is no comparing a D series to a yardman. It is spring around here and people need to cut grass. I saw a guy list a 10 year old craftsman for $3000, only 50 hours, says it is rare??? The used tractor market is hard to figure out. Thanks,
  5. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    No price is not firm.
  6. 1978 D-160, 48" deck, blower, back blade

    selling locally also, let me know fair price.
  7. kohler command 22

    Any ideas ,for this kohler CH22 wiring
  8. kohler command 22

    I am looking for some help. I have a cub cadet 3225 with the kohler command 22, that I just purchased. I took it a part to clean all the fins and all the build up off. OK, so there is a wire that is next to the voltage regulator. I can't remember where it goes. I believe one end of the wire was actually connected to the screw that holds the regulator in place because it had that screw in the lug yet. I can't remember if it was the top or bottom location and where the other end goes. Is anyone familiar with these engines. Thanks!
  9. I have a 1978 D-160 for sale. It has a 48" side discharge deck, a 48" snow blower, and 48" back blade, with a 3 point hitch. The onan runs good, doesn't smoke, just put a new condenser on it last year. The hydro is strong. Just put new blades and deck belt on it this spring. I will add some photos later today.
  10. I need a little help finding anti scalp deck rollers for this deck. They wore out cant find any locally. Anyone got a part number so I can order online. Also the pin that holds the roller is wore down to half size, actually the bottom was wore flat. So a part number and place to buy those from would help also. Also where to get new blades from, and a part number. The deck book I have doesn't give any part numbers it must just be a brochure.
  11. D160 Onan starter issue

    Well it did warm up here for a few days, 35+ degrees. The old onan fired right up. I have to guess that it was frozen. When it parked it last I did blow snow for a good hour, and it was windy, so some water could have gotten in there, then froze up. Thanks!
  12. D160 Onan starter issue

    Looking for some advice. Went to start the D160 to blow some more snow last night, but the starter just spins. I don't know about these starters, but it seems like it just won't engage. Can the starter be repaired? Does it just need some cleaning and lube. Thanks,
  13. D160 snow chute plugs up

    Got out this morning. Probably had 4-5 inches of fairly light snow. Before starting I extended the belt tensioner clamp, by about 6 full turns. Belt felt much tighter. My spring is not attached to anything, and I don't see what that does expect help with lifting the blower. It attaches to the tach-matic mounting bracket, which does not move at all, because it is mounted to the tractor frame. My spring will not hook through the chain like in other pictures i have seen here, the chain opening is to small. Anyways, with the tighter belt i was able to blow the entire driveway out without much issue. I did have just a small issue with plugging towards end, but then I was blowing the already blowed snow, and it was getting thicker and heavier. I just stopped, lifted and lowered blower, and it unclogged itself. So, it looks like belt tension was the issue. Thanks guys for all your thoughts, didn't even think about belt tension being the issue. Any thoughts on where that belt tensioner should be positioned. How tight should the belt feel, like it should deflect so much when pushing on it. Thanks!
  14. D160 snow chute plugs up

    how does the spring tensioner work. I don't think my spring is attached to the PTO box. It is attached to the blower frame way down low right behind the blower, and another part of the frame that has some extention bracket I think. I will have to go look again. Can someone post a picture of the spring to the pto box. Thanks
  15. D160 snow chute plugs up

    well it is snowing today. I will get some test time in. so maybe tighten the belt. The bolt is not tight, where the gear box is it is slotted. maybe I need to tighten it up and try again.