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  1. Yes I removed the dip stick. The fluid was just that thick. Thanks for the help, I'll try welding it. Dan
  2. Well when I pulled the drain plug on the hydro, the fluid slowly dripped out. Also, I found a leak in the hydraulic manifold that would cause it to drawn in air while going forward and leak fluid in reverse. The piston pump and charge pump looked pretty good, Not perfect but not worn out either. Is it possible to weld on the manifold? I was thinking about putting a small tack right on the pin hole. It appears to be leaking right where the line goes into the manifold pad at the rear of the tractor.
  3. Fluid looks fine. I bought some ATF and a Napa Gold 1410 filter. Tomorrow I'm going to pull pump and look at charge pump. I wasn't getting any pressure from the charge pump. The coupler between the engine and the pump looks good. Dan
  4. I recently bought a 18 hp automatic Wheel Horse. The seller said last fall it seemed a little slower so he changed the hydro oil and filter (Fram PH16.) This spring it would not move when he started it. He thought the pump was bad. When I got it home I had it parked on a slight hill while I was looking it over. I tightened the push valve to keep it from rolling. I noticed it crept very slowly. The next time I started it, I got some buzzing from the hydro motor and it even drove about 30 feet. I am now back to no response from anything hydraulic, including deck and 3 pt lift. Anybody have any suggestions where I should start? Dan