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  1. Snow blower, or plow, which to use??

    I have both a blade and a blower for the 16 Auto. I use a blade 99% of the time as I have gravel/rock drive. The blower only comes out over 8 or 10" and with the skids all the way down to limit the risk of auger damage, would prefer to use the blower however my removal surfaces just make it impossible to do so.
  2. 520H equivalent in JD?

    Any X3 series (I have one) in my opinion would be severely lacking when it comes to brute strength compared to any of the WH 300,400,500's. An X5 series would likely be a better comparision for a 520H weight, transaxle strength, horsepower wise. The 400 series JD is basically the foundation of the current X7 series machines, I would think a D series and the 5 XI, LXI, DXI would be competitors for this class machine. I own a 16 Auto and it is a great machine, if it wasn't there would be something else sitting in it's spot, however it's no 400, 420, 4x5, X4x5, or X7 in any stretch of the imagination and the 520H with just 4 more HP, similar weight, similar tranny strength to the 16 Auto is not likely to compare either. My guess is the 520H competitor would have been the JD 318, and newer model comparatives being a 325 and an X580. Love the WH's though, just plain flat out simple and easier to work on, made with the best components in the day, and no unnecessary "fluff" to complicate things. Next machine here will be a JD,,,,,,, naw I think it will be a WH 416H, 520H or I might take it up a notch with a 5 XI, LXI, just depends on what I can find. I've sipped the green kool-aide and have nothing bad to say about the machine or its performance, I can just do a WH for a lot less coin and have a much heavier machine, only drawback I see would be product support (parts) and depending on model some difficulty finding attachments.
  3. Model 416 hydro

    I'd take a 200 buc 416H, keep my 16 Auto company.
  4. A Deere X350 is not in the same class as the WH 300 series, you would need to go up to an X500 series to be in a comparable class. The X300 series if you ask me as an owner for 7yrs is little more than a mower. I don't use mine for anything but mowing and it does very well as a mower in my opinion, comfortable, easy to operate, easy on and off, love the twin pedals,,, but if I need to do anything beyond mowing I break out the 16 Auto, no comparison hands down the 16 will out push or out pull the JD, effortlessly,,, however the JD is hands down more pleasurable and easier to operate than the WH. Being 40 yrs older I guess the WH has to be expected to fall short in that area.
  5. The time has come.

    Hey Jim wish you well with the procedure and everything turns out as you hope for!

    Jeep,,, did someone say Jeep? I'm in. I've had a few over the years, started with an older CJ5 GM V8 swap, GM steering swap, loved it except for the winter and no heat. I now have an original 79 CJ5 Silver Anniversary out in the shop currently for a frame off and new body, it will be a daily driver when I get it finished. I also have a Grand Cherokee which lost another transmission that will be headed to scrap once the yard firms up.
  7. I run the Deestones on the 16 Auto. Ag's on the rear and tri ribs on the front, unlike many I went to a narrower tire than stock on the rear and the traction is pretty good without chains and I love those tri rib fronts easy to steer with the blower on.
  8. 520-HC repower

    I saw your blower description in the first post, and I think it is where you will really notice the difference in power between the Onan and the Kohler. Cid specs I found are 47.7 for the Onan and 35.9 for the Kohler, so your certainly giving up displacement and likely the most important part,, torque. Last time I looked you could buy 2 22hp predators for the price of parts for an Onan rebuild and have a bit left over (I didn't shop around). I have 2 K series Kohlers and both are very good engines, I'll go as far as saying the best air cooled engines I have ever owned even at 40+ yrs old. Simple to work on, durable, and when you do need a part nearly everyone has it on the shelf and reasonably priced, unlike the Onan. There was a recent thread on someone repowering a 175 I believe with a 22 predator and older threads repowering 520's with 24hp Hondas, and briggs vanguards, might want to do a bit of research on options before running to the smaller K341 and be less than happy with your results.
  9. 520-HC repower

    I have always heard,,, there is no replacement for displacement. Your gonna lose 20% of your hp straight away and although I don't remember the numbers exactly your gonna give up quite a bit of displacement going to a K341. This last snow storm brought 24" to my area and the K341 in the 16 Auto with the 42" single stage didn't want anymore,,, I was crawling as slow as I could to make the first pass, it was tough going. I have used the blower on a few whimpy 10/12" storms and was able to attain near full speed from the hydro without over working the engine. I saw a vid of someone who put a K301 in a 520, so it can be done but a blower of that size in deep snow might need all the power that big Onan can put out. Personally I have never had much long term luck with any older twin cylinder air cooled engine. So far so good (7yrs) with the twin cylinder Kawasaki I have in the green and yellow abomination I use to cut the grass though.

    Nice machine,,, awaiting the build thread!
  11. I have to join in also, the single stage works so well I don't see a need to go two stage. The single stage is simple to maintain, and fairly cheap to purchase. I only use a blower when the snow is deep when the time and effort isn't in favor of the blade otherwise it sits in wait. Perhaps if I had to blow every storm and deal with less than optimal snow conditions on a repetitive basis I would sing a different tune?
  12. Talked with JimD

    Welcome back Jim! Lets keep the wild activities to a minimum in the future Ok?
  13. The 1277 pushed some serious snow

    I was able to repair the pto clutch on the 16 Auto and headed out the shop to the drive that had blown back shut with 20" of concrete. Came up to the snow and nuttin started spinning, backed up and tried again, same result. Back into the shop and jack up the rear of the machine and find the chains someone had given me. Got the chains mounted and found a few bungie cords for tensioners,, pure magic was even able to get through a massive berm at the end without issue whatsoever. I have never had issue with just the ags on pavement and I keep the blower shoes in the full up position. I guess it goes to show different surfaces require different traction aids.
  14. electric pto clutch

    Thanks for all the input guys!! I will begin my search for a manual setup. A question on models I can use,,, would a later 300 or 400 series work? I have seen several 300 series with mower decks dirt cheap usually with bad 700 eatons. Update on the original electric clutch,, I have repaired it! With the snow battle well in hand today I ran into town and got some 5/8-11 all thread and 2 nuts, came off pretty easy, used the technique listed in the pervious post to separate the coil. The coil winding had separated from the filler used to encapsulate/insulate the coil winding in the housing and it looked like the one wire was broken off at the mini crimp connector used to fasten the external wire to the actual coil winding. Yes I had the coil assembly out of the housing, figured it already doesn't work so I can't make it worse! I unwound a bit of the coil winding to give plenty to work with (one wind of the coil from each end). Took the housing and enlarged the two holes for the wires to make it easier to work with and easier to get insulating material in there. Wrapped several winds of electric tape around the same places they originally used a paper insulator band and did a fancy wrap to insulate the wire that needs to go across the coil. I used enough tape to make the coil asm snug in the housing and had to persuade it a bit to go in. A quick test showed it worked again so I mounted the whole thing back on the crankshaft. I added enough wire to the leads of the coil so it could be wrapped around to provide a stress relief and zip tied it to the alignment bracket. I blew snow for a few hours and zero issues!
  15. electric pto clutch

    A manual setup sounds like a long term solution and I see plenty of friction disc sources. Any particular models to source the conversion parts from? I only use the pto to power the snowblower, it sure picked a great time to quit!