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  1. The belt for my side discharge deck is longer than the one for my RD. I posted on here about it.Thankfully Gary came up with a parts diagram like the one above. Shorter belt will get you going.
  2. Trailed Grass Collector

    Still leaving some grass behind on the highest setting so will lower slowly until it's right. Tractor's died again and it rained last night so when the battery's charged and the grass is dry we'll try again. Pics to follow.
  3. Trailed Grass Collector

    Thanks for the tip Brandon, I'll try it and report back.
  4. Trailed Grass Collector

    Thanks for sorting the pics, Jason and thanks Mike for the parts diagram, just what i was after. Much appreciated chaps.
  5. Can anyone give any information on this thing. I got it for free and can't find anything on the inter web about it. It works fine in reverse, but the brush only works when it wants to when I tow it! The cogs on each wheel seem to have no wear on them and I don't see how it can work one way and not the other. I also don't know why the pics are upside down,( I have been towing it the right way round). Thanks for any help.
  6. 512D Wont charge

    Noticed yesterday three dry battery cells. Filled them up and will see if she keeps her charge. Might not need the regulator.
  7. Need Deck Belt Part Number

    Belt's on and working, grass is cut, job's a good 'un.
  8. 512D Wont charge

    The tractor's not here at the moment, I'll probably pick it up tomorrow and will be able to say what wires are which to give you a better idea. Thanks for the help.
  9. 512D Wont charge

    I need a voltage regulator for my Robin DY41D engine, I've scoured the inter web but have got nowhere. Can anyone suggest a place to look, or a post on RS to search out that will help. I don't suppose you US guys can help as the tractor didn't make it across the pond but you just never know. Thanks, Griff.
  10. Need Deck Belt Part Number

    Update: I,ve got the belt but the engine's having problems. For some reason there's not much charge going into the battery, apparently i need a new voltage regulator. Thing is, it's a Robin diesel engine so not so straightforward to source.
  11. Need Deck Belt Part Number

    Thank you both very much. I'm scratching my head about the length of that belt at 98". I'll have to re-measure with my string tomorrow to double check.I have a second mule drive that i need to look at as according to the parts diagram the spacer (36) between the pulleys is missing on this one. I'm not very good at finding my way around the PDF file locations.Will be back, thanks once again.
  12. I've just tried to fit the RD deck onto my 512D, having taken the SD deck off, only to find the drive pulley on the RD is two inches further forward and the belt that i was using with the SD is far too long. Admittedly this belt has stretched over time and could do with replacing but, whatever. There is no model number on the RD deck, having worn off eons ago, therefor i have no model number for a genuine belt. Buying cheaper is tempting but, "Buy good, buy once" . The RD has three blades and from the tips of the outside blades the distance is 40 3/4". I tied string around the PTO, down to the mule drive and underneath to the deck and the distance is 90" although this doesn't allow for tensioning at the mule drive.The SD deck belt, that is sure to have stretched, is 102 1/2". Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  13. FINISHED MY 1988 312-8 THIS WEEK

    What mine will look like some day, hopefully.
  14. Wheel Horse Buddies in Europe!

    Good idea of Karl's about the Haulin help. It could work like the old mail coaches, changing vehicles every so far across the country moving stuff from the airport / docks to the buyer. I'm going near York tomorrow to pick a trailer up i bought off the bay and bringing it back empty, shame 'cos it'll take four horses.